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Really liked this, very well made! Loved the creepy Saw vibe!

Good jumpscares! The anticipation was unending, excited to see more!

This game was great! Felt at unease the entire time, the music and sound effects was so scary! Very exited for the full game! :)

Absolutely loved the artwork and music in this game! It definitely deals with some hard topics, but does it very gracefully. 

This was very fun and challenging, excited for the full game!

I didn't want to sleep tonight anyways...

Meth, not even once...

Pretty Spoopy! :P

This game was too funny, I might be attracted to bananas now! :P

Man this game was kind of deep, I liked the twist at the end!

Very creepy game, I liked the atmosphere!

Will be nice to have in an English version,  my German isn't that good but I did understand most of it. 

This game was so well made and very scary! Loved it! 

This game was great! Definitely very anxiety inducing!

Really enjoyed this game, reminds me of Thimbleweed Park and Stranger Things! :)

It's my life mission to pet all the good puppos!

The game is really fun! I like the moral dilemmas! 

I really like your game, the pixel art was really cute and the puzzles where great and fun to figure out!

I also did a let's play of it on my channel:

I liked the game, very short and sweet. The art style is really cute too.
The puzzle element was great, wish the game was longer! :)

I did a let's play of it on my channel:

Really cool little game, I enjoyed playing it! :)