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Download this file (
go to [Install]\Games\AdventureMode\Maps\Nowhere\ and replace the Constructor.lua file with the one in the zip. It has the line that creates the overlay commented out.
I don't know why this happens on some machines and not others. Hopefully this will fix the issue.

There are updates on the progress of the next update, as well as the various other games we're working on, on the blog every Monday.

I just updated it to v4.04a which should have everything unlocked correctly. Sorry about that!

List of TFs (Warning: Spoilers)

Doll, Claygirl, Resin Titan (that's the yellow doll), Ice, Glass, Rubber, Statue. There are several variants of each TF that give different endings. There are multiple doll/claygirl endings, for example.

Spoiler for this:

Check the combat inspector for weaknesses. It's extremely weak to bleed and poison, and stacking a few of those will let you kill it amazingly fast.

The game has three executables. Try using the SDL and SDLFMOD versions, see if those help.

Not intended. I'm just trying to protect Todd's feelings. He's going to be devastated.

Simple path error. The new Art Pack v2 should appear any minute now.

Thanks! I just updated the art package to contain the missing files. I think I got everything now.

The batch file is for players with audio problems (sometimes the Bass audio library crashes for no reason at all, but disabling audio entirely at least makes the game playable). Thanks for posting a fix. Has anyone else had this problem from the Itch app?

Glad to hear it!

Thanks! We'll keep it in mind for a sequel or possible expansion. If things work out, there may be a QoL patch down the road, as well.

An enjoyable little game, takes about an hour to complete (give or take if you have trouble with the bosses).
Takes inspiration from Environmental Station Alpha if you take the graphics and combat mechanics together.

Enjoyable for its unique, silly presentation (more cats!) and charming enemy design. Very straightforward. A good game and worth the buy. Go get it!

Yep! If you navigate to your program folder on steam (right click->browse local files) it should be there as a .zip file in the main folder. I put it up last night, make sure your program is updated.

Good idea! I'll probably add it as a downloadable .png thing for people who own the game. Glad you liked it.

Yes. Steam allows us to generate keys and they can be sent to players. There is a special button on the page that can request a key.
The Steam release is expected to be in early May.

When in the last phase of the game, use the [transform jessie] command. You have all the same abilities even if you know who you are, right?

Correct. Get caught by the strings three times and a unique bad-end plays out.

Hm? Dancer and Goth have some special endings, but the other four are also available.
The form you get is determined at game start, so a new game will get you a different doll. You can also use the debug command [pref x] where x is princess/goth/dancer/geisha/bride/punk.

The resin titan thing is just a minor thing. It might get changed, might not, it's not exactly a dealbreaker. Dev time is limited and all that.

As of v1.01, you can re-view the ending sequences for all endings you've unlocked. It's on the options screen, there is an "Endings" button in the bottom left.

Wow, thanks for the (long) feedback! We'll get on the bugs soon, we're doing periodic bugfix releases.

Many of these are good suggestions, and if the game does well, we're considering a sequel or expansion. One of String Tyrant's strengths is that it is small and to the point, with no padding, but a sequel can expand upon the gameplay and still not be padded. So, expect future entries to be larger and have more replayability.

We have some... improvements in mind already for a possible sequel. Stay tuned!

All right, I will log these and get to them this week.

If you feel like monthly support, the team has a patreon. This is a NSFW thing, though. We have another game we make - Pandemonium. It's free. Give it a look. You can find more out on our blog.

Thanks for the positive review! It's a rare thing to see cute assimilation, so boy did you luck out.

Here is good, we'll release some small patches periodically.
Sequels/Expansions are based on how well the game does. We're currently working on a Steam release and seeing about promoting it. Stay tuned!

Thanks, glad you liked it. They're meant to be sort of "secret" endings, but making a popup would be mischevious...

Great idea! I'll see if I can work it into the patch that is projected for Sunday or Monday.

(Link to page)

String Tyrant is a survival horror game with an oppressive atmosphere and challenging combat and exploration.

You are Mary, a girl with her friend and brother. You got lost in the woods, then driven to a strange manor by a masked stranger. Its inhabitants are insane, or made of plastic and convinced they need to 'play' with you.

If you can't escape them, you'll have to fight. And if you lose, well, the manor will have another resident.

The game features a free demo with the first parts of the game and only one enemy type. The full game has more enemies, 15 endings, several traps, and a complex and mysterious story. The full version costs $5 USD.


Or become another resident...