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I would honestly say that this game gave me the major creeps, and I haven't been able to finish it XD So, I decided to do a little video of this with one of my other buddies as the "enemy", since me and several others call him Moo. I did the best I can

I played this game on Unforgiving mode on Oct. 2. This is almost like an 8-bit version of Don't Starve, but with added elements. This is a well made game :D

I found this game as it was featured in Gamejolt. I an highly intrigued about this game and wish I can play the full version of this to learn more about the story.

I played through Susan, and I'm surprised by the changes this game has from the other one. A lot more obstacles than just pilows :D

This game is fun, simple, and I love the way the protagonist moves. Good quality game. :D

A pretty funny time killer with wacky physics! Took me a couple of times to find those keys. xD

I've played through one ending of the game, and I love it. Hilarious, heart-warming, and spot on. Definitely a process-of-elimination kind of game to experience.

As much as I want to finish this game, but I had to stop due to work and my significant other having to go to work. But this is highly intriguing! IT took me almost an hour to play this game due to finding items and ways of progressing through the game. But when I've tried to finish the game, I went back to my saved progress, skipped through the dialogue quickly, but it crashed after a while.......maybe I can try playing the otehr games you made. :)

(Uploaded 5/19/18)

I have to say this is the craziest but hilarious game I've come across. Here's my video of the game. xD

I really did enjoy this game a lot despite the surprising ending. xD Here's my video of the game.

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The game and the visual of this game is stunning! I am just completely in awe at how well done this is. Two thumbs up to the devs! :D

Decent, good time killer,, learning about patience. But maybe there can be more to the game like a timer to know how long you've been playing on the levels. Here's my playthrough that has been shortened down.

This is quite an enjoyable game to play, although the controls need a little fixing as well as the jumping mechanism. But despite that, great job on the game. Just wish there is more to it and a little story about it. :)

This is a pretty fun and short game to play. Sure, it took me a few tries to complete it, but overall funny! Footage may be a little laggy, but it gets better later. Here's my playthrough.

This is a pretty funny game to play. Wish is can be a bit longer than it was, but I enjoyed it. Here's my video of it xD

Someone recommended me this game, and I am glad I have played this demo. I am highly into the the post apocalyptic and steampunk atmosphere, and I am just amazed at how smooth the game is played out. Here is my playthrough of the demo and will be looking forward to the full release! :D

I really love this game! Cute, funny, and great choices to make. Here's my playthrough when I chose Viryse, sorry if I seem to have mispronounce the name. (^_^;)

Everything is explained in the game. But it is pretty decent. :Do And Pardon me if I said this is a demo (though it's not), I have no idea were my mind was at. XD Anyway, here's my playthrough.

This is a really cute arcade-like game. I only manage to make it to the top of the leader board about a couple of times. Here's my small little playthrough of it. :D

This is pretty good. I really like everything about it, even the atmosphere put me on edge. Here's my playthrough of it. :D

This is an amazing game! Beautifully made! It would be great if you were to do more like this. Here's my playthrough! :D

I didn't manage to complete the game since I was just going around in circles....and saw what actually happened in other videos after I got done editing mine. So here's my long excursion through this game and watch me fail miserably xD

I had loads of fun playing this game a little despite a few jumpscares, but overall awesome and silly. ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY WILL POWER FINGER!!!! XD Anyways, here's my short video of it, even though I didn't finish it.

Hey there, this is a very captivating game. I love the style, the visual, and the music despite it being short. Here is my playthrough of the game. It's mostly edited since it took me a while to find the mixtures. :D

This is beautifully made! Artstyle is wonderful, music is astounding, and everything went smooth. I made my own playthrough of this game, did twice but with the same outcome. But overall, an amazing game! :D

I'm hightly interested in this game, but I might suggest some tips on how to play in the beginning. I know this is a demo, understandable, but can't wait for the full game to come. :)