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Someone recommended me this game, and I am glad I have played this demo. I am highly into the the post apocalyptic and steampunk atmosphere, and I am just amazed at how smooth the game is played out. Here is my playthrough of the demo and will be looking forward to the full release! :D

I really love this game! Cute, funny, and great choices to make. Here's my playthrough when I chose Viryse, sorry if I seem to have mispronounce the name. (^_^;)

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Everything is explained in the game. But it is pretty decent. :Do And Pardon me if I said this is a demo (though it's not), I have no idea were my mind was at. XD Anyway, here's my playthrough.

This is a really cute arcade-like game. I only manage to make it to the top of the leader board about a couple of times. Here's my small little playthrough of it. :D

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I played just a short portion of the game, but I kept dying almost everytime. Maybe I can do a full playthrough of this in the future. This is quite a decent game. :)

This is pretty good. I really like everything about it, even the atmosphere put me on edge. Here's my playthrough of it. :D

This is an amazing game! Beautifully made! It would be great if you were to do more like this. Here's my playthrough! :D

Short, cute, and pretty fun to play. Of course, I was having trouble finding my way through the game and all, like chicken with its head cut off. Anyway, enjoy my playthrough and watch me fail xD

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I didn't manage to complete the game since I was just going around in circles....and saw what actually happened in other videos after I got done editing mine. So here's my long excursion through this game and watch me fail miserably xD

I had loads of fun playing this game a little despite a few jumpscares, but overall awesome and silly. ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY WILL POWER FINGER!!!! XD Anyways, here's my short video of it, even though I didn't finish it.

Hey there, this is a very captivating game. I love the style, the visual, and the music despite it being short. Here is my playthrough of the game. It's mostly edited since it took me a while to find the mixtures. :D

This is beautifully made! Artstyle is wonderful, music is astounding, and everything went smooth. I made my own playthrough of this game, did twice but with the same outcome. But overall, an amazing game! :D

I'm hightly interested in this game, but I might suggest some tips on how to play in the beginning. I know this is a demo, understandable, but can't wait for the full game to come. :)