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itching, need more...

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Why there's no one played this!? Why no one rated!?
Come on! don't judge a book by its cover
This game is a masterpiece!


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Some of RPG game that has an upgrade or crafting weapons system should buy your mini-game idea, lol
My first time that really seen this and it kind of very fun, Good work!

"This is how a legend game was born"

I really see how much you guys put your effort into this game, 8-9 years with a love-hearted in developing and outcome of the demo was really really good

I wish you luck with the feedback and commercial as well hoping that you're hitting the point in marketing! (there'll be many people wants to support this game for sure)

I would recommend you put your project on as well there're many people who interest to play a game based on this engine gather around

Your game looks very quality but there's any way to play it by keyboard ?

Hey! I like this kind of game hoping that you develop this game to the great so far!

Picture : After respawn, I kinda level up like hell and your game won't continue to work always going crash

This game is dead ?