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A member registered Mar 23, 2020

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I liked the use of the house for the story you made, very nice! 

Pretty cool game you made especially with the story and art, not sure how to hide though

Simple yet slightly tense game on this day, very nice!

Little unexpected game you made, keep it up!

Pretty neat horror game you've made, you did a good first impression!

Cool game, not the best but still good. I played it before you updated it, but I still liked it. I'm willing to see you improve anyways!

Always enjoy this idea being done and this short game is no exception!

Pretty thrilling experience being in danger right away, very nice!

Short but fun game, I played the first version where the monster didn't get me the first time

Very neat horror game you made!

Very challenging but fun game you made, raged all the way through lol

Cool little game you made, really enjoyed it! 

I really enjoyed this game with the mechanics and story you put together, well done!

Hi I really liked the game and all the creepy elements there were, did a playthrough with only 2 of the endings:

Hey, I gave your game a try and it was pretty good for what it was. Obviously the controls were weird, the cursor sticking out, and only being able to move one direction at a time, but for what it was it was a cool short game. 

Here's my playthrough: