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that one who you meet after you finishd the first encounter

i had a question to all of you how can i do that thing with able like corrupting him etc

ahhh ok thanks Som and have a nice corrupted night/day with your cult (in game i mean

still love the game but sadly i can't play it over steam do to that "This item is currently unavailable in your region"

i just need to wait until i get a account wher i can pay then its game time so long i have to wait*sight


quik question can you maybe bring that game also for free pleas fro thos who don't have money to buy it but still want to play it

i wonder when you will bring the experimental stuff on the main game becous i want to see it but i can't pai for it do to not having a paypal account so yeah it is kind of sad

when will you bring the experimental things on the main game

ther is no game only the story to read

it wud be cool if you cud play as the monster and eat the pryes and when your in the latex form you need to pres space bar really fas to hypnotys the prey and that they will com willing ly in to your mouth