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Cute, but too short. I think the idea of the moving button is pretty novel, would love to see that as a full-blown platformer. Not a whole lot of actual porn going on either, it's like it can't decide if it's a game or a short story. Wish more had been done with it, but this appears to be dead.

I'm unable to play this game due to Unity WebGL not loading fully, it just gets stuck at like 90% - using the Windows 10 desktop app, not an individual browser, so I doubt it's on my end as it seems to be a common problem.

Here's a link to a discussion for how to fix it, but it appears this needs to be done on the developer's end, from Unity itself.

What's this "dash" people are talking about? The double jump?

Threesome...? How'd you get that one?

That was literally my first thought when I first downed a kobold... like, "he's bent over, can she dom him?" Little disappointed, but unsurprised that you can't, but that should *definitely* be on the roadmap.

Rocket jumping intensifies...

I've been having a similar problem with other games that open a Unity WebGL window and stops loading at 90%, and I'm on a top-end setup. I'm wondering if it's a bug on the devs' end, or some network setting/firewall preventing something. In any case, it is also an indie game on Itch, most of which don't run well (if they run at all) because they're not optimized whatsoever, but I can't say for sure on this one as I'm also having the same 25% problem.

Aaaaahhhh! Shiloh is SO CUTE! I wish his route had more to it!