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Starfall Union

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Is this compatible with mz3d? I need to create platform that carry the characters from left to right... in a 3d environment. 


a version for android? Please release one for Android 

Really useful plug-in, but work it for smartphone devices?

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Another master piece from wingless seraph is perfect. But I'm trying to contact to you for my video game music I really like  to have original music from you for my game

I see, About the battle scenes, isn't there anything related to this yet?

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Hello, I want to build a  game using MV3D and I wanted to know how much it supports.  I'm making a game like etrian odissey 5 you think that MV3D can with a dungeon explorer with this  detail,I plan to export large constructions to the game from blender so  I want the textures to look good, and I also wanted to know if the skybox can rotate to do time effects, and if it  supports more than 1 sky box at same time? 

Thanks in advance for your answers.

impressive, if at some point I started to build an online game, I think these would be the perfect themes for areas!!

My favorite element, Just Perfect, i love the Calamity animation

You could make the initial screen accessible to the mouse. It would be great

thanks for this plugin, it gives a new and improved look to the projects !!

Thank, Enjoy them!!

this is wonderful, but if I wanted to use them in Mv, can I export them as an animation sheet? It is that some of us continue with Mv.

I love this ice one, I'll be waiting to see what new animations you bring in the future. I wanted to give you a future idea for

1- Arcane: animations seated in magic in its purest form and ether

2-A collection of non-magical animations, you know Swing and hammers impact, showers of spears and stuff.

Have you happy a great Christmas.

Cool, some songs remindme to Megaman.

Could I export wall, bridges and other detailed assets in 3d to create my dungeon?  

Hi, in the future you can make 3d battler?