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You’re oddly enough not the first to say this, but it’s actually the example text ”lorem ipsum dolor sit amet”.


Hello! Yes, all puzzles including numbers are random every playthrough.

Hello! If you keep talking to NPC's they will drop more hints. But I'll give you another clue, you might feel... sleepy.

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There's only one ending! Thanks for playing!

Use the stool on the item you want to retrieve.

Man kan inte pausa. Det kändes onödigt då det inte händer något särskilt som kräver att man behöver pausa.

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I see this is your team’s first game project, but there are some things that could be addressed in future games.

I would recommend putting jump on W and dash on either S or space bar, and the other one for interact. The character keeps getting stuck on edges, halting the jump and making the character die.

The art and animations look great, but the style could be more cohesive. Most backgrounds and tiles have smooth lines, but some blocks and the sprites have hard lines. Cutscenes look amazing!

Sound is great overall, but the text noise is way too loud.

The final level was supposed to be unlockable by collecting all feathers from the previous levels, but there was no time to implement that system so it’s already unlocked.

Thanks a lot for playing, and thanks for the kind words!