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Which bachelor you like the most? and why?

THIS... is hard lmfao, I really like all of them to be honest? cause they are all well written characters, I ended up falling for all of them, Rama worried me at first but nope, loved him to. First was Mitra so FIRST LOVE <3 but then Rama needed a hug and someone then dear god, Reska. I seriously can't pick, good job!

What makes you consider to play this game?

I passed it by at first cause I wasn't into otome games but boy am I glad I came back to actually click on it, looking at the pictures of the wonderful backgrounds and characters made me hope it was really good writing too, I was not disappointed.

Overall, what do you think about this visual novel? and what element stands out the most? (art? story? character?)

Again, this is hard. I like all of it, I admit at some point i was kinda wondering what was gonna happen so I'll say the plot/story kept me hooked (other than the hotties with the bodies)

Do you have any question or constructive critiques? I will read all the comments and reply to them like I do in Lemmasoft.

I actually don't? I mean some parts felt like it dragged on but not really anything that was like OH GOD FIX IT so, thumbs up!

Last but not least, if I make another visual novel, will you consider buying it? via patreon or kickstarter that is (since I need to eat, electricity, and such things when I make VNs xD)

I WILL PAY FOR THIS WHEN I CAN cause I want to support your games and this one <3 I really loved it and it left a mark on me, so thank you and everyone who worked on this, may you have a good day!

Ahhhhh! <3 I just got finished playing all these games, I really like the art style and the word flow, very nice and good, thank you for taking all the time and hard work to make these!