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This game has continued to be superb.  The only thing that I seem to have a problem with is is the conquest mode, as I find it irritatingly hard and even impossible to beat.  Perhaps you could add in a save button to be able to go back to later if you fail?  Or is that a part of the game that you intended to fit into the roguelike genre?

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This is amazing.  With such incredible visuals, effects, and control customization you have an excellent chance to get to Steam.  However, I suggest that you add some sort of sensitivity bar (Unless I didn't see it and am being an idiot) because sometimes camera movement (Especially with a joystick) can be really jumpy and twitchy.  I should also add that the warning alarm (The one that goes like *beep* *beep* *beep* when you enter a stall) sometimes doesn't shut off when you pause the game and then that carried over to when you go to the main menu.