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it's done by pressing down 5 times fairly quickly

you can use a controller???

honestly, I don't know how it compresses so well? the file before I zip it is what you're getting so idk

I believe it has to do with your antivirus

you have to realize that I'm one guy spending the bare minimum of time on this project, AND that fatalities aren't something just easy to include. They aren't naturally supported by the engine after all!

The hand holding the gun has a hurtbox!

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A mac port is being considered, and will likely come with or after the next major update
(If I can get it to work anyways)

Most controllers work! Some people seem to be having some issues with certain controllers, but for the most part they work! Specifically, xbox controllers seem to be weird sometimes.

1.0.2 (which will be released soon) will be in a resizable window, so I hope that helps!

This is due to the servers being maxed out, I'm working on it but servers are expensive :(