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oop, good catch. i'll give that bug a look once i'm back at the pc

and i'm absolutely not stopping with psychological horror, it's fast become one of my favourite genres to work in

oh that's a bug yeah. just double checked and it looks like the game isn't fully resetting as intended. thanks for catching that

(as an aside, you're very close to the true ending, it's a bit obtuse but there's a specific phrase to put in that text box related to gen ai)

could you clarify this a bit or send screencaps? i'm not certain which part you're referring to

i've emailed itch support about it since he's spammed a bunch of my friends as well, doubt anything will happen but it might be worth making some noise about it on their socials


The whole lore behind Immortals themselves is something I've put a lot of time and effort into behind the scenes, it being my precious little baby project I'm putting far too much love into. The main project of it is supposed to be No Saints Go to Heaven, which right now has no where near enough pre-production done to be in a state to make a full game, which I'm (very) slowly chipping away at. Fortunately, there's enough there on Immortals as an idea opposed to the concrete world of NSGtH that I'm able to make these small relatively contained "spinoffs", before there's any actual thing to spin off from.

As for COH itself, it's far less developed than the main lore it came from, but there's enough there that I've been turning it over on where these guys will go next. I don't want to promise anything on COH specifically right now but it's a tentative yes to more of it, at some point, with a definite yes to more Immortal content (at some point).  

Unfortunately, for the minute, after I wrap up some other projects I need to shift focus to getting my Unreal skills up to par after getting laid off this month. If I get hired very quickly that gear shift back might be quick, but that remains to be seen.  

Regardless, thank you so much for your response and enthusiasm. The state of the industry's making this a pretty shit time but things like this do really, really help.


it really is, honestly

hell yes i will

one main ending, there's two paths/some minor variation on the way there [spoilers in base64]: YmFzZWQgb24gaG93IG11Y2ggeW91IGludGVyamVjdCBhbmQgdGFsaywgYXMgd2VsbCBhcyBpZiB5b3UgYWx3YXlzIHRlbGwgdGhlIHRydXRoIG9yIGxpZQ== if you're in a completionist mood

ah wonderful i thought i caught all those on the last build. thanks for catching those, i'll fix them when i next can

do you have, like, a life outside rating projects on itch 1 star

i'm being genuinely serious here i feel sorry for you

do you want a hug

that's a video

Right now, I'm at Supermassive as a game designer, and I'm at risk of the layoffs which has been very fun and foundation breaking. I'm hoping to find another job (and am honestly banking on an interview for something that would work insanely well for me for a project that looks dope as hell) so we'll see how that goes.

Also, if there's any part of that salad you'd like clarification on feel free to say. I take no offense in my self-aggrandising bullshit being self-aggrandising bullshit.

I make "queer" games, both in the literal and more broad interpretation. Obviously, that means characters that are gay telling gay stories, but for me that runs a bit deeper.

I'm very against the idea of mass media that targets "everyone". For me, the more you try to appeal to this non-existent "everyone", the more your Self is lost in the art you make. You have to gut the parts advertisers won't like, chop off the bits that you think might be embarrassing, declaw and de-tooth it, shave off any apparent imperfections that would make people point and laugh because [other] media looks much prettier, to the point you're saying nothing at all. Then, ultimately, you have watered down mush that brings nothing of artistic value to the world. It's not human anymore; it's mass-produced and offers nothing different than all the other mass-produced trends that came before it.

On the flip side, by fully devoting yourself to a weird and fucked up idea, to put your entire faith into a story you want to tell, to never apologise for it, you suddenly make something interesting. It's now an earnest and alive Thing, and something that no-one else can make, because you didn't compromise on the Self that's now part of it. And, consider the adage of: "Holy shit, a cake without frosting!" This approach means you miss out on some people, but so what? Humanity isn't a monolith, and trying to treat it as one is one of the great faults of new creatives. Because humanity is not monolithic, you can produce practically anything, and someone will love what you've done. 

Paradoxically, by never caring about whether or not what you make is Other'd or "queer", you do create something that can (hypothetically) appeal to everyone, by nature of it being so earnest and speaking to human empathy. It's a bit like the Chris Fleming school of comedy. That being, you can make a joke so hyper-specific to one sort of person that it wraps around on itself and kills the entire room.

So, that's my brand. Games for exactly 3 people to lose their minds.

that's my brand

by far the most unique compliment i've ever recieved. i don't even know what i'd talk about

not at all, feel free to share it


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nice to know my bitching helped you in some way, hope you're doing good as well


well i am very sorry but i, a normal person (British) did not see any problems with the use of the words "pyjamas". i believe this is a problem with your view specifically as i, apolitical, am incapable of being wrong

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Wonderful comment, thank you. Hopefully chapter 4&5 live up to the rest of your experience and future projects I make just as much.

(also a small selfish ask to leave a review on steam if you've bought it there, getting over 10 reviews breaks it out of shovelware hell and makes steam actually promote it)


sometimes that's the best compliment you can give

love missing one (1) bool when making a build, let me know if 1.0.6 works properly

there is, but i won't spoil how

that is lovely to hear thank you, good luck on your dev journey

i was always worried i didn't give enough, honestly. that with almost every relationship i have with others

woag a video thank you gary


after four months you are the only person who got it, congratulations

intended experience

hey thanks adam

yeah it's just a shitpost i only wanted to spend a few days on

thank you mr scorsese

yoinked, thanks