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Stanleys Cup

A member registered Jun 28, 2021

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I love outer space games. This one dunks

I missed the Kickstarter campaign for your game boy version…is it too late to buy a copy?

Congratulations on getting a publisher! Yastuna does a great job

That absolutely helps! Thank you for responding so quickly!

Hey Fydo! How do supporters pledge money for a physical copy? I got an email announcing what’s included in the different tiers but not sure how to pledge :)

I joined the waiting list! This game looks great

Thank you for responding! It just happened the other day without notice, so I was just curious! :)

Hey! I love the look of this game. Do you have any remaining cartridges left? It looks like Catskulll closed their store permanently, and I would love to play a physical version :)

Would still really love to see a physical release for this game :)

Good morning!

I found your game today, and it looks like a lot of fun! Did it get a physical release? I’d love to play it and add it to my library :)


Jon M

Sounds great! Sent you a message

Good evening Goochi! Would you happen to have any last copies of Goggleboy for sale? I’d love to add it to my library :)