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Love the video, thank you! Lots of great criticism :)

You're totally correct that it's weird in the context of the jam, I simply saw the theme "Space" and joined. Later I learned that it was a horror jam by design, but decided to not drop out anyways.

Don't know what the problem with the music was, but I didn't test the system much. It was supposed to play a couple of songs and then loop. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

- NightRunner // Caspar

PS: You were quite good considering WASD controls ;)

Thank you so much! I thought about that, but didn't choose to implement it. I think it would have to be a very short "warning", because some suspense kind of lies in not knowing exactly when they're gonna change.

Awesome if this is your first game as you said in the Discord channel! Well done! :D

Thanks dude :D

Sure, I can do one in the next minor update!


Thanks man! Great ideas you have - you really see the potential which I'm happy about! But as it stands now I'm not gonna work further with this project. Maybe in the future, but right now I'm gonna focus all my development energy into my project 'Naut ;)

 - Caspar / NightRunner

Thanks for the comment & feedback! Will definately be thought through for future updates! :D

This world-building-around-the-player is a really cool effect! I also like the pixelated 3-d style! Very nice little thing :D

Thank you! That means a lot :D

Thank you so much!

Glad to hear you enjoyed it :) 

I should probably have made  a short introduction to the gameplay, but you figured it out quite quickly :D

- Caspar / NightRunner

Finished the game, and holy balls it's hard. But I really enjoyed it! Well done!

This is a quite neat game (what I've played so far at least)
Very hard, especially when you don't remember that you can shoot!

Really enjoyed this game! It's actually pretty tough
Hope you enjoy my video on it! <3

Did a lil' video on your game! Hope you like it, I liked the game! Really cool little game <3

Had a bunch of fun with this game. Well made!

Have some comments about it at the end ;)