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Thx, no problem.

An error has ocurred. please contact the game author for support, as this is likely to be a scripting error and not a bug in AGS. 

(ACIversion in "room21.asc", 

Error:Animate object: object has not been assigned a view

Thank you so much! It worked perfectly.

Thanks ill try that. And by the way i think you are an amazing and helpful game developer.

do u know how long he worked on this game. This game probably took him weeks to make, but he still made it free so many more people could enjoy it. Also would u rather it be called 3 am at the chum bucket? I mean wow. And u always talk bad about peoples games when u dont even have one.

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while im unzipping it, it says that not all of the data can be unzipped. then it asks if i want to keep it and i clicked yes. Then when i click on 6 am at the chum bucket it takes me to the corrupted file. it also says icu data directory was not discovered.

i finally got it to open and there is an error that wont let me play it. While im opening it says some parts are corrupted and cant be opened what should i do?

ok thx

I cant find a good FREE .rar file opener, anyone know any other than winzip

Thx, i really wanted to do this game.

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Hi, im a youtuber who wants to do a lets play series on this game but i dont have enough money to stay in the budget and to play this can u please send me  a free download code, my email address is It would really mean a lot to me if u did. Thanks.