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i already changed it idiot

i could do that with my crap laptop also, im making with code

bro ya wanna make a real fnf mod with me???


yes it is


yes i did

Yo Freeianplayz, can you make pc version? I am ready to test.

no need to worry, it is totally safe to download.

This is not real. I made it using .VBS script

(1 edit)

:( plz make a free edition of this sh4dow

i will fix it soon

oh ok

woo hoo!

wait does this make you hack other people???

yo creeps can you just upload one of your game's to my game jam?

you haven't been uploading after you joined.

if you want to contact me more then just go to and then send me a message

gmail account:

oh yea i can't play it too because i deleted it and reinstalled it.

and why does the error repeat, i made it perfectly.

i will test it now

:I i tough i fixed it

thanks creeps

ye and when i run your snake .exe it says that i have no permission to run this.

yea it is like karlson (or maybe it is just a rip-off of karlson)

yo creeps it is a rar file instead of a exe

yo low end can you update and add a survive-running game?

yo, mininuke10. if you keep writing "what" on these games and assets. I may have to delete all of them

FREERAINPLAYZ can also be known as Coolboy118 on discord.

FREERAINPLAYZ is the developer of this game, I asked him that I can upload it and he said yes.

bruh this is fake

There is no download yet cause I am working on it.

and the colors?

when will the new stuff release???