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thank you so much!!!! im truly so glad it resonated, your comment made my day :)) 

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The Robot War rages on, and so does the war in Del Spooner’s heart. Join Del on a journey of maturation and self-discovery, with some gay robots along the way. I, Robot 2 just launched on my, check it out!

I, Robot 2

A new f(r)iend from the land Down Under…

When a kangaroo approaches 13-year-old Lené at the Mathis Street playground, she’s a bit lost for words. But who needs words when kangaroos can project their thoughts into your head? So what if he speaks in a dark, deep voice that chills her to the bone?

Follow Lené through the perils of crushes, sibling squabbles, and telepathic marsupials in this interactive Twine story, The Marsupial of Mathis Street.

As an unashamed iCarly fan myself, this made me so happy to read. I’m glad you all had a good time playing it!

The iCarly RPG is a surreal horror text-adventure game that's about iCarly, and some other things. It includes music and sound effects, and should be played with your volume on for the best experience.

You can play it entirely for free in your browser at this link:

Please note: The iCarly RPG includes graphic content: written descriptions of violence, death, implied suicide, a brief mention of parental abuse, and shirtless Gibby.