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Any news CG Creations?

Thank you very much tygerklawz. We also fell in love with our new hero!

Hey Bartosz :) nice to see your exitement. And even nicer to meet someone from the German-Amiga-Community here.

01.05.2024 - not far away <3

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I thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. You are a 68k hero! Keep up your great work!

Thanks. I think i get the point. I love your choosen Settings with western/cop murder and submarine. And i like what you done in just two weeks - so i guess that is the point i would liked to play longer... Keep up the good work. Whick Genre or Setting is Havenview?

I didnt tryed this yet but i will soon. Looks very promising again. I have a question in total, when you can build those mini games in two week. Why dont you develop for a longer time, for an full game? Is this more fun for you? Many minin games with many ideas and settings?

Just a new follower who whants to say hi. Realy like the style of your graphics mini games and wanted to try the out. Started with Frontier because i love the western setting in movies and games a lot. So i finished the game in approax 5 or 10 minutes. but i like every minute of it. What i liked most where the beautiful and idyllic gfx and the great voice acting. that realy suprises me the most.

Awesome job! From the technical site would be a port of red alert (c&c 2) equally possible?? Isn麓t it base on the same game engine?This is my favorite game of the whole C&C frachise and i would love that so much to play one of my favorite games of all time on my favorite computer of all time...

Maybe now with 1.3 the sound works too for your config?

Schade vielleicht hat sich ja mittlerweile mit Core-Updates auf der V4 etwas verbessert...  :)

Sad to hear. I'm also looking forward to optimizations for the PC. But good to hear that it has only been postponed and not canceled.

A great start. I really like the design. Can hardly wait for an Amiga version.Keep up the good work!

Damn. Awesome news!!!

Passing Breeze und Last Wave :) - Sch枚ne Musik und tolle Optik. Die Sommer Vibes, in der tristen Jahrenzeit, kommen an.

Thank you very much Luiscoco. I apreciate it.

I guess the cartoonist not agree?

Nah ive never worked with iso麓s or mounting on an amiga. But thanks

So there is no HD-Version for Download right? Or do i have to burn the iso on a cd, to put then all the files on hd on my A1200? The game look interesting. What are your inspirations for it?

Sounds good. Thanks

Gute Besserung Matze

Hi Luiscoco. That doesnt worked out yet with an English Version or?

Understandable. Thank you anyway Sarah and good luck with your actual projects.

Hallo Matze. Ich musste das Spiel einfach kaufen, ich mag Jump&Runs und auch um dich alleine schon zu animieren, weitere sch枚ne Spiele f眉r unsere geliebten Amiga heraus zu bringen. Zum Spiel selbst ein erstes kurzes Feedback. Hatte jetzt bisher so 5-6 Levels gespielt. Es gef盲llt mir insgesamt sehr gut! Sch枚ner Grafikstil und recht gute Spielparkeit. Was witzig ist, ich dachte man spielt mit einer Maus. Aber Minky soll wohl ein Affe sein oder? (Titelscreen) das einzige was mir bisher nicht so gefallen hat, ist leider die Musik. Ich weiss der Macher ist bekannt und eigentlich ganz gut. Mich hat es bisher leider nicht abgeholt. Das Gedudel ist etwas nervig. Haben verschiedene Levels, verschiedene Musikst眉cke? Ein Optionsmen眉 gibt es nicht oder? Wo man beispielsweise die Musik abstellen kann und beispielsweise nur Effekte hat. Desweiteren, wie ich auch schon in vorigen Kommentaren gelesen habe, vermisse ich ebenfalls einen optionalen Jumpbutton wenn man ein Pad nutzt. F眉r mich ist zwar auch eigentlich der Joystick (Comp. Pro) die beste Wahl bei J&R aber jetzt hatte ich ein Pad dran, wollte beim antesten nicht umstecken und da ist springen schon besser 眉ber einen Button als 眉ber das analoge Kreuz. Als Abschluss nochmals vielen Dank und mach weiter so. Liebe Gr眉脽e Timo

@Sarah is the Amiga Version far away? Such a beautiful game

Thanks. Email is send.

Thats nice and i would apreciate it. @ which mailadress i can send u a message?

Only in spanish? I know there must be not much text, but anyway....


Any news here? I heard a friend helped for german movie titles. Would be nice to have a new version.

Looks sweet. Thank you very much

Good job zooperdan. We had so much fun with 3 persons in the category amiga games. Keep up the good work! Exited to see Version 1.0 anyday

Thanks McGeezer for your understanding and i totaly understand your points - its not about to making a lot of money. Its about to giving the chance of a very beautiful and valueable Amiga Box for the collection. Thanks again!

Great work. Thanks a lot. I hope u continue to make Amiga games :)

First of all, looks like awesome work!! Very exited to buy the game digital game in the end. Second i just want to give u a feedback on why maybe a "perfect" customer ist not buying the (beautiful) boxed version in this case... 35 Pounds. Puh this is hard. I think maybe a part of the high price is disk AND cd32 (which i definitly dont need CD32) - plus 8.80 pounds to germany, plus presumeably brexit (of course nothing anyone of us could change) fees on top. This coming close to around about 50 pounds, even with 10%.  Thats in total round about 60 鈧 (EUR) - and that in pre-payment 4 month ago i guess?! anyway just want to give u a feedback, maybe it helps for next projects. Thanks for the hard work for our beloved machine and friend amiga. Greetings Stallone

i want a pysical unit if the box art is great :) game looks nice. keep up the good work! Amiga Forever!