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Okay, so sorry about the confusion I didn't have time to implement a tutorial. So what you need to do is check the regulations for the passports (click the book in your desk items) and then put whatever words need to be on the passport based on if they have anything wrong with their passport. For the first guy his passport is up to regulation so just let it roll without dragging words on it.

Glad it's not broken! Assuming I get around to making a better version of the game after the jam I'll add a timer ticking noise or something to make it clear that it's cooking.

Thanks bro

Hi, sorry you're having problems. Have you tried dragging the passport to the arrow on the right?

Hi, glad you liked it! As for the pizza thing how long are you leaving it in the microwave? I coded it to cook for a minute( I'd meant to lessen the time before release but forgot lol) and then change animations and make a ding noise, then you could drag it to the arrow and finish the game. So try cooking it for a minute and get back to me, I'd like to see if this is a bug or not!

Love this concept! I'd really like to see what this game would be like if it developed more.

great game, commenting so I can find it again and play it again later ^-^

I am morally correct. I started that robot uprising for the greater good.

Promising demo, with a very, very interesting concept, I look forward to seeing more. 10/10

Incredible, without a doubt one of the most emotional experiences to date, I really liked that one part towards the end with that one character.


Thank you so much! the delayed response is perfectly fine, I'm just glad that I can play the game I enjoyed so much again. thank you again for putting it back up, and have a good day and good luck on your other projects!

Hey, I was revisiting some of the old games i've played and found this. anyway i was just wondering if the game was still being refined or if that was canceled. just being curious, of course, as i have no idea when the refinement began or anything like that.

Finally, Balance

i think i was on the tiny island and threw him while faceing the left side of the river

you did it faster than me I took 73 days

got all the endings i liked B the best but i got E first!

great game! love the pixel art. unfortunateley i accadentely put the stone on the wrong side of the river and couldent pick him up anymore

Thanks! found the secret  character yet?

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