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Great to see the first one is still being supported, thank you for that!

Oh yeah… that was actually very simple with the online build tool! The scrollback buffer is super useful. The smooth scrolling is too slow for my taste unfortunately. Also command history is very nice to have.

Now I'm missing the loading screen though… I wonder if you wouldn't mind sharing the Koala image, so I could include that in the custom build too? :-)



So I noticed that Ozmoo supports cool features with REU and enabled it. Loading the whole game into RAM is most excellent!

It would also be great to have the scrollback buffer, but this doesn't seem to work. Also the smooth scrolling would be nice and undo too. (I haven't actually tried yet if undo already works.)

Is there a way to enable these somehow?

Well yeah, my bad… I just forgot all about the disk turbo after the game itself loaded fine.

I do think though that the C64 scene is very much alive and the common way to use your C64 today is very different from the old days… If I destroy a game disk image, I just FTP a new one to the 1541 Ultimate in literally a couple of seconds. Don't have to go out to a friend's place or store to get a new copy :-)

The good thing about not using a turbo is that I get to enjoy the atmospheric loading image :-)

Anyway, thanks again for making the game. Now back to playing :-)

Okay, figured it out… I use the Retro Replay fastload and it's very rare for it to cause any problems, so took me a while to even remember it… Works fine (although very slow :-) without it.

So, all good – thanks for the help and sorry for the trouble :-) I have two saves on the disk now, so I guess I'll just keep using those two as I don't need any more.

Might be useful to mention both the turbo loader issue and the save disk details in the readme?


Really enjoying the game so far! As a huge New Model Army fan (already have tickets for their next tour), I loved the record choice too :-D

The only problem is that I can't restore a saved game :-( When I load, it says "You won't get very far without input" and it only prints text on two lines. Then after a few return presses, it crashes.

I saved the game to the game disc because there's plenty of space. Could this be a problem?

This is a real C64C (with 1541 Ultimate II+ as device 8).

Moonmist was my first Infocom game, and it will always be my favorite. I am assuming similar vibes in this one, so really looking forward to it! Now I only need to decide whether to play it on my C64, MSX or just on the Mac… I think I'm gonna go with C64 :-)

C64 was an American machine, but it was eventually more popular in Europe. And still is :-) (Especially the demoscene.)

This is awesome, thanks for making it! I love the overall atmosphere and style and the lovingly crafted pixel art. The screens feel like a real place and have great little details. Definitely one of the best MSX games!

It would be great to have some kind of a save system though — there seems to be a lot of stuff to explore and I rarely have this much uninterrupted free time :-/

The visual work here is just stunning! It doesn't really look like a C64, it looks timeless. What I mean is that adding more pixels and colors wouldn't really improve it. And that is very hard to do when you are going for a fairly "realistic" style.

Instantly one of my favorite C64 games! The level graphics are absolutely lovely – fresh color palettes rarely seen in C64 games and great hires details. The gameplay is challenging but tight and smooth. It has that "one more go" hook, which is rare.

And, last but definitly not least, excellent soundtrack by Jammer! Thank you for making such an awesome game – definitely looking forward to the next one :-)

It says up there that works on PAL only :-/

Ok thanks! Got it already in fact (and it's awesome :-)

Hello — does this come with the PDF manual, or should I get the Protovision version?

Wow, I LOVE this! Bought the Ghost Time pack just for Warped :-) I have pretty much all of the custom oscs and most effects out there and this may be my favorite. Super useful and full of character. Thanks for making it! :-) I only wish Korg had dedicated more control knobs for the custom oscs... the menu diving sucks :-/