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I was actually wondering the same thing... I remember one of the games I saw in the bundle that looked interesting had said that and couldn't recall if it were this one or not (and yeah, I know, easily checkable :P). I just bought the $20 complete edition on Steam. Even though I already got it through the bundle (I actually chose to pay $20 instead of $10 given the cause), I decided it was worth it. I really like it so far, and if it helps fund future CrossCode games (or similar) by RFG then awesome. I dunno if it's an age thing or not, but I've been "voting" with my money anymore. Lately, I've just been feeling like if I enjoy or like a game a developer puts out, I should show support (granted I don't double-purchase every game I like, but if it comes down to needing to do that, then so be it; it's for a good cause.)

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Do you plan on doing any bundles? I want to buy a bunch of your asset packs, but I'm afraid my bank will flag my card for potential fraud with a bunch of purchases in short succession lol

EDIT: Nevermind, I found you actually do have a bundle going on for 10 more days and 16 hours! ( :)    Purchased. Thanks! :)