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Was doing okay until the lower left. But with a lot of experimentation and a little luck I got through. Excellent, clever puzzle. A lot of game packed into a small (sometimes very small) space. Thanx.

Very good puzzles and game, thanx. Took a while to figure out how it worked, but was challenging w/out being too hairy.

Fun game. A bit of a downer ending but good mechanics. Thanx. I'm assuming that's a line of mouse traps at the end?

A year ago? Well, worth the wait. Short, brain-stretching and sweet. Another excellent puzzle. Thanx.

That last section took an imaginative "leap," but I finally made it. Good puzzle, clever mechanics. Thanx.

Another good expansion pack. I like the bridges, too. Now, if one could shoot up through the bridge, so that the rock fell on the bridge instead of you . . . Just a thought. Level 20 looks impossible. Had to be something. Finally found it. Tricky, but clever. Thanx again.

Nice update! Numbering the levels would help me, i.e., lvl 6 of 9. Keep up the good work. 

Would still like a way to dodge the falling rocks but maybe that's asking for too much. Possibly a one second delay that the avatar could move left or right during? Just supposing.

Short but good. Last level in particular shows how game-play might be developed, expanded. I left a little sad I couldn't work that topmost falling rock into the solution.

And I'm off and . . . crawling, again. Thanks, Steve. Game hasn't gotten any easier but my lost-progress fears have eased. One, perhaps, tip for Firefox: I unchecked my offline data box in the clear cache box (ctrl+shift+del) and that allows me (so far) to keep my game save. Not sure if this works in other browsers.

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Agree wholeheartedly about download. The game is great, but too hard to be played (at least by me) in a browser. Too worried about cookies disappearing. I spent, back in January, about 2 weeks and solved about 20 puzzles. Very hard, but very good. Just the kind of puzzle game you'd like to take your sweet time over. In the old days one used to be able to back up one's game saves, offline. Is that at all possible? These days, dealing with the browser cookie cache is like a moon launch. Either way, great game Steve.

Glad I found out about no save after I finished. Unconventional but a lot of fun. Liked the creative solutions. Could have done with clearer sound clues and I had to shrink my screen to access the inventory. Thanks again, Colorbomb. (I know that mouse is glad the cat's stuck in that grate.)

Fun variation on Sokoban, thanks. I like how it makes you think about the entire square, all four sides.

Very nice puzzle design. Challenging without being confusing. You can see how it works as you move along. A couple of sneaky moves at the end that I largely stumbled over, but excellent short game. Thanks.

Played it till the cows came home. Fun, short Sokoban variant. Thanks. Took a bit to figure out the mechanics and which way the cow would turn. Also the barn door openings.

How did I miss this for 5 years? Have long thought Sokoban and a maze could combine for a good game. This one is an excellent example. Thanks.

Fun, interesting Sok variant. More levels to come? What's the optimum # of levels for a puzzle? Too many or too hard is discouraging. Too few or too easy is disappointing. Good mix of challenge and brevity here in these 5, but 10 to 15 levels would've been welcome.

I had the couch star and the painting star and when I tried to click  the star(s) on the one in the tube under the table, the pointer disappeared. I got it back by clicking in the star inventory. It didn't stop gameplay, but made me a little nervous. One other small point, I'm guessing the "clock" and clicks restart when you resume the game. I'd like to think I finished in 21 minutes with 406 clicks! And thanks again, it's a really terrific piece of work. I wished I could explore more of the moon.

Beautiful, well-designed game. Up there with Neutral's games, which is saying a lot. Thanks. The gold star inventory was a little glitchy early on, but worked out.

Swell, fun puzzle. A Goldilocks puzzle, not too hard not too easy, just right. I shouldn't admit this, but I was relieved when . . . but that'd be a spoiler. Let's say I suspect there's more going on in the last two levels than meets the eye? Either way, thanks a bunch. Keep 'em coming.

Nice game. Surprisingly tricky for such a seemingly simple mechanic. Feels like only the beginning.

I'm always writing these comments after everyone's left the room. Oh well. Finally got around to playing (and finishing). Terrific game and a lot of fun, once you get used to the mechanics. Maybe a little hard to see where you can move, and what's off screen. Thanks for this one, and for Con-fusion.

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I don't like to comment until I've completed a game. With this one I've gotten to the closing credits in two separate places and still haven't finished. But I wanted to send my congrats to the gang that built this terrific puzzle game. Great game, great teamwork. A true All Star lineup of puzzle constructors. (Constrictors?) Besides that whopper S.5 at the end, which I'm still trying to grok, I got stuck on S.4 for three weeks. I'd gone through the rest of the game in 11 days. Also, a couple of times the game seemed to change from under me while I was playing. Specifically, the B.18 puzzle and AB.5. Was that my imagination? Anyway, many thanks again to all.

Very nice set of fun, challenging puzzles. Not always that easy a combination to achieve. I strongly encourage you to keep going, but I admit I was grateful when I got to the end of these. I also like the way you did the level select page. Thanks.

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Very nice set of puzzles, thanks. The graphics took a little getting used to. I did one level on my Kindle Fire and the image was literally the size of a postage stamp. But full screen on the PC fixed that. I appreciated the level select, as usual, and liked that level scoreboard!

Bottoms up. Finished the game. Thank you again. My criticisms have only been my honest, if somewhat edited, reactions while playing your wonderful game. If I overreacted, I apologize. One thing I just noticed, the green target looks like a "p," which I assumed was for "rho." That is, it didn't read as a target. Make of that what you will. As for the direct link to the Rho Shelf, perhaps that might be placed on this web page in More Information or elsewhere for others.

This isn't the (or even a) solution to this puzzle? Jpeg attached. The crate is on the lone target. Nothing is still moving. No cork, once again. This has been a wonderfully challenging set of intriguing puzzles. And I thank you sincerely for them. But [SPOILER ALERT] when I finished what I thought was the last puzzle, I got smacked with this doozy. My triumph at finishing all 21 puzzles after two weeks of intense struggle was yanked instantly away. Then I hit "Next" and with no warning I find I can't get back, except to solve puzzle 21 again. You're a splendid puzzle designer and I don't want to discourage you with criticism, but this is not a good way to end your game.

Okay . . . but 16 is now a different puzzle. Though I see now why you're so partial to that solution (and why it took me another couple of days). I guess I'm just surprised that covering all the targets isn't what's required, as in Sokoban. If a player has to find "the" solution as opposed to "a" solution, matters get even dicier, and hazier. This is commentary, not criticism. Greatly enjoying your game, as usual.

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Another terrific puzzle set. However, "solved" jar 16 and no cork. My solution didn't register. Glitch or did I solve it an unusual way? I pushed one crate down in the water and the other up in the oil. Hope that makes sense. . . . Jpeg attached. I've also solved it with the small cross one space to the right as shown here.

Was wondering, as I often do, how many levels? When I got to the end. Clever and fun, if a little scary. Usually one counts on knowing the rules. When they change on the fly, it's unnerving. But well done. Where's everyone been the past 3 months?

Charming, fun game. For me, had an old Sierra adventure game feel to it. Though amazing how much processor it took up. I crashed several times, but finally got it all done. Thanks, Selene.

Right, I'd say 24, 35 and 36, in that descending order, are the thorniest. They each involve a Sneaky Pete move or two, dependent on the game physics.

While I wait for my brain to recongeal, I'd like to offer my  thanks too. For what it's worth, I found level 24 to be the toughest.

Short and tweet. Thanks.  Though I have come to appreciate short puzzle games and the hair loss they spare me, this one clearly looks ripe for more levels.

Nice game. Thanks. I haven't played Landfill but this did remind me of Alan Hazelden's Skipping Stones to Lonely Homes. It's odd that the level difficulty gets easier as you go along, but it was a bit of a relief.

Just finished SwapBot's 12 levels (after Bubble Butler's 30). "Enjoyed" both a lot. Tough but satisfying. I presume I played the updated levels. The comments on Google's discussion page suggest there's been several iterations of the game thus far. For the record, I found levels 5 and 9 to be hardest. Others no picnic, but didn't take days to solve. Levels 8 and 10 seemed perfectly fine to me, though perhaps "easier" than others, probably because they're basically mazes. Many thanks to JMW.