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Ignore him Paul, just click on his name to see his recent comments, he hates on just about everything, I suspect he is an Indian Troll living under a bridge somewhere along the upper Ganges River, I agree his english and sentence structure make it almost impossible to keep up with his thought processes.....he is only here for one reason and that is to get reactions from people to feed his inflated ego  

bye bye, I made my point and will not get involved in a pointless argument with you. I like it, you don't....end of story

this is easily one of the worst summaries I have ever read, have you even played the game ? not one part of your diatribe is even closely related to the facts. 

Ver 15: after picking up Rhedia and aboard IB there is talking to crewmembers, after talking and confessing to Eva her portrait does not disappear it is therefore impossible to advance game. I have tried talking to crewmembers in many different orders but to no avail, Eva portrait persists, is there any work around to advance to next scene 

sisterly lust

thank you for quick response

22 bytes...hello !!!!!

thank you for trying to help, I have tried everything but always get the Exception Error when I try to load the game...oh well I s'pose I will wait till the complete game releases at the end

I already had 0.13 and I have tried extracting 1.15 to every conceivable location in the 0.13 folder and every time I get an exception when trying to start the game...any further help would be appreciated

it really is screwed up, there is no exe

why would someone want to pay for 2 unfinished games unless of course it gives access to Patreon releases

super fun game, hard to stop, unfortunately at this time no save function, starting at surface every time is unnecessarily grindy, I see below you are going to put in a save system, will be much appreciated 

hmm, this makes no sense, game goes from CH2.1.14 to this release 0.12 ?? current saves from 1.14 are not compatible

as always thank you for the quick response and clarification

hi, slightly confused here with this update. In order to enable the new content do we have to replay Book 2

Leap of Faith is a masterpiece....nothing else needs to be said

tyvm for the quick response, much appreciated

just to be clear, Version O.5.5 will not be released to public and will always have the $5 tag, is this a correct assumption ?

Hi Westy, have you always used Mega as your download platform? I have all previous versions but cannot use Mega here in China so I suspect it must have been available on another DL Medium

Hi, thank you for the quick response. Book One (1_0_7b) is not available on the page any longer. All that is available for 1st book is apk, linux & osx files, the Windows 32 & 64 files are not there. All 5 of the Book 2_0_1_8b files are there also. 

As for the Steam Key, I don't believe it's anything from your side, I can access my steam page Library and most other content but I cannot access Community which is where I believe the Steam Key is located. If the key is RNG then there is probably nothing we can do. I should have perhaps purchased the Steam edition but I though by buying through Itch then it would be more likely that you would receive a bigger percentage of the purchase price. If it's possible for you to send me a Steam Key then I will go that route as I never have any problems downloading from Steam...again thank you for your valuable time

best regards.  

Hello, this is probably the wrong place to message but I can find no other relevant place. Yesterday I purchased Love of Magic as I had already played the free version up to Act 5. I downloaded Book 2 and on opening the game I find I cannot continue as I have not completed Act 6. Where can I get Act 6 from as I cannot find it anywhere to download. One other point is I cannot access or sign in to Steam from the purchase page, link always times out so therefore I cannot acquire the Steam you have any suggestions...thank you

is this available through any other download site, does not work for me, prolly my location is to blame (china)

unfortunately does not work in sad 

Hi, just finished Ver 13 download using WORKUPLOAD link. Before enjoying the update just want to say that I am truly impressed that you would take the time to provide these links to someone whom is not subscribed to your site. I can assure you that when the craziness of Cov-19 is over and I can resume my normal work I will jump onto Paypal and subscribe. I hope when you complete the story that you release it on Steam where it will receive an "overwhelmingly positive" review and you get the just rewards for all of your work and the amazing storyline, looking forward to continuing the journey...many thanks   

is there any chance Ver 13 will be available on Mediafire, unfortunately will not work for me, prolly as my location is china

tnx...great story btw


Day 1 - after naked shower scene, go after her and knock on door, later at dinner be honest about adjustments

Day 2 - spy on girls with James, Spy on Rachel in shower - masturbate and she will expose her breasts. At dinner you can gain her trust by complimenting Liza's cooking.

Day 3 -  do not be negative about Ana's attitude - best to remain silent; At dinner Rachel will ask about your girlfriends - be modest, with continued conversation tell truth about having sex, reassure her about her virginity, questioning her virginity will gain trust and corruption, any boasting from your side will have negative impact. 

Day 4 - you should have asked Liza on a date by now, in order to go shopping and buy dress for liza do not refuse Ana in the morning. while shopping a conversation will give a chance to agree with Rachel and should elicit enough trust to go on a date with Rachel. In the evening propose a date with Rachel if you have talked about it previously. (trust must be more than 4)

Day 5 - Mostly Bella/Liza day. At night if you have already agreed on a date with Rachel you will receive pics from Ana. you decide to jerk off and of course Rachel sees you, do not stop and she will gain corruption, stop and she will lose trust

Day 6 - Movies with Rachel, discuss movie and choose "arousing" Later in the conversation choose "would you like that" Be modest about your sexual experiences she does not like boasting. Do not say that movie was revolting. Later you can visit her bedroom and sleep with her for 1st time, if you refuse you will end the relationship. Encourage her to sleep topless, do not appear too eager. Praise Rachels breasts then Cup her breast before going to sleep.

the next morning touch her thigh but do not remove your hand when she wakes. touching her pussy is a no no at this time.

By now you should be pretty much locked into Rachel path 

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Apparently you can marry/impregnate lots of the girls, I have not personally pursued that path as I concentrated on family members and tried not to do anything that would damage my familial relationships. I have played thru 5 or 6 times already and latest playthrough married all family members with Mom pregnant. 1st playthrough I only managed to succeed with Rachel. Seems 75% of choices in every relationship are critical to success. An excellent story overall with tons of replayability