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I can't wait to see where this game goes! Best of luck to you, excited to see the progress!! 😄

I really enjoyed the content available. Koikatsu models are the best, I swear. Looking forward to seeing this game progress!! Lotta potential. :)

Holy shit, this is definitely my new favorite Nsfw game. Everything is incredibly interesting, and now I keep lurking through the community Discord to see other people's theories. 

And to think I originally downloaded it just for the hentai...

I enjoyed the game a lot. Looking forward to seeing what comes from the project!

I played this a while back ago, and loved it! Just finished playing the newest build and wow, such drastic improvement! Absolutely amazing work, really happy to see such improvement. Writing is great, and all the characters are really fun & interesting. 

Really enjoying the slice of life stuff, too. The new fishing mechanics were pretty fun on mobile! Last build I played, fishing was all there was really to do outside of talking to the girls & there wasn't even a cute girl who bought the fish! :) 

Can't wait to see where the game goes from here, & fantastic job once again!

I remember playing Chapter 1 when it came out and was really impressed. Just came back and finished all three chapters and I'm hooked! I can't wait for the next one, might even have to become a Patron! If I may ask, how many chapters are you planning on adding to the game? Very curious! 

Haven't been so hooked on a visual novel story like this before! I knew I was hooked when I was more interested in getting revenge for Maggie and getting to the bottom of the mystery guy than I was with actually seducing the women... LOL. Anyway, awesome job so far, & I think you're a very talented writer. Best of luck!

Was a lot of fun playing through this. Loved the art style. The slice of life stuff is really fun as well. Looking forward to seeing what's coming next! 

I really liked the game so far! Think I did all the content available for now. The stuff with the Quintuplets & Jimmy were genuinely hilarious, by the way. Your good sense of humor will do wonders for the game. Can't wait to see what's coming next!

The only feedback I really have is that Luna's dialogue text is a little hard to see when it's night time. 

Keep up the great work!!