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Nice job Harry!

Suffice to say, I actually managed to complete it this time. No bugs at all. I hope we get to see more releases from you. I still want to know where the escaped gorilla ended up... maybe he's on a skateboard somewhere too?

The lovely old slow doggo and his rapid pupper chum that can do a 720 in mid-air have an adventure around the city looking for toys and treats

A cute 3rd person doggo collect-a-thon that just goes to show what can happen when the young and old work together with a sweet real time switching mechanic.

A nice adventure from Cookie Box Games, some serious thought and effort was put into this, and the audiovisual juxtaposition between the old and slow and young and fast was a really creative idea.    

Stuff I liked:

  • Mechanically solid, very quick to pick up
  • Great animation work on the dogs in a short space of time
  • Thematically on point
  • Very cute theme song - I absolutely loved how the same song changed between the dogs!
  • The low poly 3D choice was decently executed and ambitious for a short jam!
  • Felt like a dog frolicking simulator, lots of room for other things! I would like to have seen what you could do with some more time.

Improvements for next time:

  • "Fiddliness" / bugfixes 
    • I couldn't seem to get the traffic lights to activate to get the old dog to cross the road after the first time
    • Whilst messing around doing mid-air 720s with the puppy, I somehow managed to get my controls completely misaligned so that W (forward) was sending me right
  • An in game tutorial would've been a nice touch
  • A personal preference, but I would've liked it if both dogs were faster! The game was a little slow paced at time
  • The range of the sniff seemed like it could have been bigger, whilst there's a fun element to the exploration, I genuinely started to feel like a lost puppy at times
  • Some kind of extra reward or acknowledgement when I collected all of the Collect-kibbles would've been cool

Great job team, looking forward to  more!

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There were 10 in the bed and the little one said move over, move over! Grandad just yeeted another grandma at me!  

A tight Hotline Miami esque bullet hell set in a nursing home with a funky time ghost teleport mechanic.

Absolutely great stuff from Slimey Hatch, can really see the work and care that went into this, really nicely polished for a short jam! 

Stuff I liked:

  • Mechanically tight, fun to play, quick to pick up
  • Great variety of enemies, rooms and layouts
  • Powerups were cool, wish there were more!
  • Thematically entertaining with a good sense of humour
  • Having a story and a quick intro cutscene was a nice touch!
  • Catchy theme song - going to be living in my head rent free for a couple days!
  • Art style was consistent and colour palette was nice and varied

Improvements for next time:

  • More sound effects
    • Hit sound for player and mobs
    • Weapon firing sound
  • Improved visibility of passable and impassable terrain elements
  • A difficulty curve instead of 'git gud' play style - just a personal preference mind you!
  • Some death screen tips!
    • I didn't realise my own ghost projectiles were hurting me until I'd died a few times
    • Using your time ghost's projectiles whilst dodging incoming projectiles is a big component
  • Instead of the boss room appearing at random, having some number of rooms or enemies you needed to kill before ending up there might lend itself a bit better
  • Purely preferetial again, but I think I would have preferred the map stayed the same each time - I think linearity would have lent itself well to this game

Great job team, looking forward to playing more!