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oh jesus is so fucking hard

good game very sad :(

fun game


right 🤨

ohh thank u i didnt know

also the settings should not restart after every round. only when we leave and come back. 

super good game! however, please let the kill, sabotage and vent be able to control by buttons and not mouse. its kinda annoying doing both at the same time

im pressing enter but it doesnt start

thanks a lot for this game, i was acually really stressed this morning but this helped me calm down. 

hell yea dude! im exited

i loved the art

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i have an idea, what if you make a two long walls and we have to double jump up to the win thing, like this (im a very good artist i know)

what a cute game


how did it taste

this is cursed

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his profile is basically how u would write with this games hand
im starting to think he might have done this shit irl

that made me feel colorblind

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imagine our socks going through this just get stomped on

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time to get nakey

i give up

i can not get the damn food out

them: kissing
the game: a  c o n s e n s u a l  h u g