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Hey there! I put an order in over on PlusOneExp, but they’ve not responded about a new target delivery date. Do you know what’s happening over there? It would be nice to get the digital version, too.

I’m also loving the app! Not sure if anyone else has run into this on MacOS. Opening the app launched a notice that it couldn’t be opened “because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. This software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information.” Looks like it might need to be signed by a developer key or something?

I was able to force it to open by opening System Settings > Privacy & Security > and clicking Open Anyway.

Thanks so much for the kind words.

Agreed on the subverted expectations, we wanted to telegraph danger and then give wardens a method to surprise players. Those who want to solve the mystery might find those live creatures interesting.

I love the thinking around the equipment and where the story goes from here! I think tables that do more RP could definitely push the boundaries and mess around more with the equipment.