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i can help! which one are you struggling with?

when opening it on mac, instead of giving the regular warning saying it might be dangerous, it says it definitely WILL damage my computer. is this what everyone else sees?

when it brought on mud i thought it just started shitting everywhere for a moment...10/10 would recommend

<3 :)

loved playing this game!! im so sorry though bc at first i thought the soldier was a fetus😭

just finished the game!! i am so in love with the theme of the game and the way it portrays certain types of characters. i can't really describe it but it's so genius ahh😭

how did you get ending 4?:) i'm a bit stuck!!

HOLY CRAP THIS IS SO COOL??? Such an interesting plotline and I already love the characters! I rlly hope they don't die....but yeah omg y'all did fantastic

AHHH I finished day 1! Pogo and Capella are so sweet together and I love everyone's writing!!  They're so entertaining to hear about and I laughed a lot at what's been added so far..DID I MENTION THAT EVERYONE'S PRETTY? I love this game sm I'm so excited for the other chapters:)

OMG????? NEW ARCADEKITTEN GAME?? I can't wait to play


Here's what worked for me!

1. Rick click the icon

2. Click "Show Package Contents

3. Open the MacOS folder

4. Open the terminal within the folder!

^^from there, the terminal should launch the game

Ohh, okay!! That makes a lot of sense!:) Thanks!

I couldn't find her at some point and told her I was lost, and she just opened the exit for me. I think that means I did something right :D? This is a very fun and unique game

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AAHHH this game has been so cute so far!! A little bit afraid for the darker aspects but also I want to see how the story plays out^^ I think a good option to add for interests would be performative arts, as that includes stuff like singing, dancing, band, and acting. It's like a package deal imo! Congratulations on 1500- your work is amazing:)

It's a thing with your mac... Mine worked just fine and let me save. I'm a little concerned rn since this is your most recent comment and it was 9 months ago?????

I just finished what's existing of Liam's route. I can't wait for more content of this game!! It's so engaging and well made, as well as having extremely lovable characters. Another thing I like is that Valerie is a well designed main character instead of being those 'blank slate' type people. Best visual novel I've played!!!

That much is something I'm still trying to figure out.. :( I'll update you if I find out anything else!

For mac players, what do you do after opening the file nwjs? I have loved your other games and if it's possible would love to play this one<3

Try right clicking on the game applications and clicking "Show package contents!" :)