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I relate so hard to the "idk what to do for pov"
This game was so innovative! I love this type of interaction of the player, even though personally I was a little freaked out that if I opened my eyes I was going to see some horrible face or something. But it was a pleasant experience!

I guess the only critique I would have, would be to maybe add some more challenges to extend the game. Like more keys or some weird silly commands with the music.

Great work tho, I enjoyed it!

Oh man, I wished I would've been able to play your game!

The environment and environment effects are super well-done, and does  fantastic job of showing me that I am in the mountains.

But just some suggestions; maybe trying adding specific landmarks and landscape details (like a bundle of trees, or a lake) to really define the space, and make it more interesting to explore!

Great job!

Hey Euris, bud

Love your art, and the music is stellar! Love how everything ties together with the art and the items that block your escape.
The only thing I would have to say is that sometimes the items would stack in a way that I would have no choice but to die, and I think that's a big bummer. But a little fine tuning would help!

Great job!

I was so excited when I saw the title of the game, and you did not disappoint!

Holllllly crap is this unsettling. From the voice to the squid being that commands us, this really brings a whole new level to what keeping Terry the spider entails.

I guess the one thing I would improve upon would be the navigation on the stairs, its a bit difficult to move up and down.

Fantastic work!

Oh man you have no idea how much I enjoy the Wii Shop music. The art is fantastic, and I really like the imaging of the different people.

The thing I would have to point out is that the game just stops after the Life reaches zero, which I get it, but I would've liked to see an indication of breaking on the phone. Maybe a crack showing up over time, or a single shattering of the screen?

Good job!

Love launching the sprite! I enjoyed the shake mechanic, and how after the launch it indicates its finished by tuning it down a shade and dropping.
A thing I would point out would be the game shifts between the shake and launch. Sometimes it would skip over, and go straight to launch.

Good job!

This game is one of my favorites, I adore the implantation of typewriting, and even typing out your score in the end! The sounds and the filling out effects make it so satisfying to play as well.
A thing I would maybe consider would be separating the end sequence with the game. At first I didn't really noticed the game ended, so maybe a background change or a color change might help the player understand that what they're typing out is in fact their score.

Great job!

What a beautiful game! I really enjoyed exploring the landscape, and talking with brain while trying to figure out the little puzzles.
The only thing I would add is to perhaps make the UI a bit more connected to the theme of the game, or something that isn't so apparent, but then again this is a week project.

Good job!

Ah yes, palm road. Of course, real road.

I dig the vapor-wave aesthetic so much, and this game hit the nail on the head. The inspirational quotes were icing on the cake, and made the experience all the more trippy.
A thing I would probably add to make it more interesting would be something more to the background, like a stronger sunset or something similar.
Something to look at other than the sun, you know?

Good job!

Love the concept! The intro was super interesting, and I love the introduction of the apartment and the fish that resides in it.
The only thing I would have to say is that the fish controls veer to the right somehow? Right diagonally? It threw the control of the game a bit off, and made it a bit wonky.

Good job!

Bro, the fuck

The playlist is top notch, and I love the mechanics you chose to implement, super fun

but bro THE GAMER
he horrifying

I agree that a thing you could improve on would be the response of the buttons, I would've liked to see like a bar, or a sound effect to make sure i know its working.

Nice job!

What a neat game to play through! I adore the key mechanics, and the animations are super charming.
My only critique would be to implement increasing difficulty with the different keys, because it keeps to the same pace with the same keys over time, and it begins to become a little bland.

Great job!

This game is super simple, but the way you put it out there and the personality you put into it shapes it into a game full of life!
I agree with Ron, some new UI and very weird sound effects when Goop gets fed would be the icing on the cake.

Good job!

I adore this game! My favorite aspect is the picture taking function, where the ghost actually shows up in your photo! The room is a great space, and it's well populated.
My only things to point are that if you eat too much it goes into the negatives, and in the future, maybe some of the objects in the room could be clickable instead of the buttons (like the bed being clickable to sleep).

Good job!

Terry's AI is great! Feels very natural in its movements, and I enjoyed watching this guy run around! Some things I would suggest would be to spruce up the UI a bit, maybe make it bigger and designed to fit the feeling of the game better. And I would also like to see some way of playing with Terry.
Great job!

A desktop pet would be super cute! And yeah, I agree more sound effects would make it complete. Thanks for the feedback!

I agree, more interactions would have make it more rounded. With more time, I might've done so! Thanks for the feedback!

I love the idea of fullscreen (added it in)! And I like the idea of the click and drag being more interactive. Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, the slight uncomfortable feeling was intentional! But yeah, what I'm seeing is some feedback would make it better, and given more time I would've liked to implement that. I'm glad you liked it, thank you!

Your comments are disabled on your game, so I'll say my piece here:
I love the concept of it all and the COLORS
Was very much vibing with the beats and the visuals for a hot minute.

The drumstick was very responsive, which isn't a bad thing and it really kept me on my toes in terms of getting the beat right. One thing I will have to say is that I've would've liked to have seen something done with the background. Black was a right choice, but maybe a pulsing background in time with the music? Or maybe even the bg reacting to your inputs.

Great work!

This is freakin hilarious I love it Ron! The art and filters bring this to a whole new level.
One thing I would say is to start the music sooner, and make the dialogue a bit quicker. Maybe even make the dialogue bigger, and more center, because its a really important component of the whole game. It took me a second to realize the dialogue was changing and stuff.

Great work man!

What smooth UI! I'm really liking the spinning mechanic you got there, and its easy to follow through. Music pairs nicely as well.
The only thing I might have to say is that maybe P1 and P2 should have more of  color differentiation or something similar to mark them different,  as me and my friend were having trouble telling who was who.

Good work!

Hey Jordan! Can I first point out that I adore the concept, and the art style you used for the dragons!
Bit of feedback would be that I was a bit confused as to which dragon I'm playing initially, but assuming the answer would be "both". And the random cycling of the actions could be a tad smoother so I could have an easier time pressing the button to select an action.
But the roulette feel is great, and the reactions are very cute!
Good work!

Hey Euris! What a great theme, and you got good art!
Hmm, its solid stuff, but maybe for more difficulty you could perhaps speed the conveyer belt over time, or even add things that when lidded, you lose points. Another thing to point out is that maybe the steam should stop when the cup gets lidded.
Good work!

A really solid clone for Deathchase! The trees and the enemies were super nice looking, and their movements were spot on. You even included the helicopter, which is a nice touch. The only thing I would have to say is that the projectile is a bit slow, and I can't really see it hit the enemies. Good work!

Love the sekiro reference with the dead screen! The movements was a bit clunky, but not unusable, and in the beginning I couldn't play the game because there were simply too many trees. But a reset later and it was fine. Solid work!

This is such a well constructed clone! The built-in audio is a nice touch, and your recreation of the animations (such as the DNA and cells) is fluid yet still reminiscent of Deus Ex Machina. The wraparound is very nice, but for me is makes  keeping things moving a tad too easy.  I could just hold a button and just that for a time. Nice work!

I can't speak more praises on the sound effects (gave me a good laugh)! Although the obstacles were tough to navigate from the distance, I eventually got used to it and was able to play the game smoothly. The sprites were well done as well.

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Hey Fin! Thanks for the critique!
Finally figured out how to resize the canvas, and got all the ui in a better place.