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Same experience. Can run the windows version via wine and it seems like it works.

I'm really loving this tool and it has helped me improve on both personal and work projects! Tried it, buyed it, zero regrets. On Windows 10 x64 the experience is flawless. On linux x64... not so much. Dragging the window around is very sluggish and jittery. Resizing the window is impossible. It just stops rendering altogether. No timers are going, fresh setup, no notes, nothing. Godot itself isn't quite as snappy as other applications, but it's light years better. Actually clicking through the interface is fine, but trying to wrangle the whole application window is an ordeal. This is perhaps minor as I work, unfortunately, in Windows and that's where I need it most.

One feature that I feel is sorely lacking is the ability to create multiple custom timers. The stopwatch and Pomodoro timers are perfect and do what I need. However sometimes I want a 30 minute timer, sometimes 10, sometimes 60. Having to constantly modify the Pomo settings is pain.

Lastly, and real moonshot here, it would be nice to do some basic reporting on project progress, task start and complete dates, with time spent total and per task maybe in a kind of heatmap or something. I'd totally be open to contributing in this area. I do data analysis on enterprise storage and I'm preparing reports for customers almost on a daily basis. This is my jam.

Well wine runs it. Even if that weren't the case it's still python. You could, with effort, extract all the scripts, install the dependencies and just run it natively.

May have found a bug. Tried to target a goblin with a fireball scroll behind another goblin directly adjacent to me and it totally locked up. Too many items I think but it looks fantastic and plays pretty good.

Wow. Great atmosphere. Nailed the retro fps. I wish you could move just a little faster. It's not obvious what the range on the gun is, and I wasted a ton of ammo early on. I also ran into an issue where on the edge of the ramp with the health pickup  the dog could hit me, but looking down I could not hit it. 

If there's more coming, I'm into it.

I had a bizarre bug where I had 8 rounds in the gun, 3 reserve, reloaded and it put the 3 in the gun and then lost the 8 so I had 0 remaining. Very weird to dash outside the level. I personally don't like aim toggle. Otherwise quite good.

Absolutely delightful.

Pretty good. Player can shoot enemies outside their firing range, so its easy to cheese, but if you get too close they aimbot and never miss. It would be nice to make them a bit less predictable. The secrets were fun to find, not too easy. Level design is good. The guns feel awful to shoot. I think some animation work and a little screen shake/bob would fix that. Audio is decent. Pickups are decent. I would definitely play more of this. Keep going!