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Nice short difficulty game, love the tips you gave in the game page screenshots

right click workspace, insert, object, part

thx for ans. What the golden statue at the mountain thingy for? I remember I didn't activate one of them and still got to ending. Is the wooden craving the only factor for completion percentage?

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just wonder

don't forget to check on the body.

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4th confront is the last one. You can accuse the murder by going back to the body and take your guess

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Found all ending in 3 hours, haven't played challenging puzzle game for a long time

I often forget root can collect things!

Tip: if you cannot collect fractal things or access some area yet, try unlock more "power" by unlocking more branches!(There is 5 plus a final one, find them yourselves!)(I think the power key themselves have a hidden message... not sure)


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Yep :D

 In the final level, the goal only raises up when you reach it. I think it may not be obvious enough.

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I have windows 10 but this game does not need to be installed?

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I'm getting tried of digging stairs and goals lol

Basketball hoops one you only have one stair only so try dig

But I finished it anyway can the final level goal can be more obvious? I know it kinda obvious from the look but I was not sure until I reach there and that thing goes up