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nice :D

pleaze link it :D



I like this idea

wow that is dedication

Solid 10/(10^-5)

wait I should have said "first" so they knew that I was there first TwT

How do I make the arrows orbit the archer using orbit by bit, not working or is it an skill tree thingie?


I cant play again it just softlocks

how do work?

(1 edit)

I just found the ultimate tecnique but im lazy so i wont use it


and i will never tell anyone

This thing had me so scared at one part I just dipped.

what does the square in the bottom left do.

Its a wonderful game.

nvm i was using a proxy, when i loaded the html file in regular chrome it worked fine.

why is it taking so long to load, is the loading screen at the begenning acutally just sorting game data and compileing the sorted data then running the compiled data?

Im loving this and I havent even loaded into the play screen, UI is so clean


big "getting over it" kinda vibe, very big 1926/1926




how does the xray thingie aim its beams and how do i see them though?

great and wonderful

how this game work?

How do I use these Powers things, I spent ages getting them and cant figure out how to use them, there seem to be no powers, they are weird, I need help they not real.

Hello fellow chrombook user, usually I play on my main pc, but it has been in repair for a while, so if u do [hold alt] + Left click it will Right Click! :D

wait really, and if so you have just given me very big future career advice so tysm.




cant think of anything better that could be done but u could make it infinity playable with more options.

I know In the title it shows a nintendo swich symbol, but the trailer and description and platforms information on the more info dropdown did not clarify if it is actually avalable on switch or is soon launching to switch.
 - Thank you for your time :)


works now

isnt game suppost to run?

amazing graphics


here first


nvm I guess theres a bug where if the building list needs to start an extra row it wont show you the unlock requirements but since i was early game and it was on the first row I could see the unlock requirements.

I has it now:)

need help, I keep forgetting what i have to do first befor i can unlock experimentation labs.
I just started a new save and want them early game :)