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Ostras que malo tio! Me encanta! Hahahahahahhaa

Awesome dude!!! It gives a lot to think! Nice work. <3

Thank you very much for the comment, we did what we could. Having a very good artist by my side to help me with the art, if it had been for me would have been doodles xD

Sorry, English isn't my first language, and I try to do my best writing :c

I try your game boy! Its very cool you did this with just 9 years old!!

If you follow this way, you will go very far!!

Just a few things to improve:

  • The volume is very high
  • Maybe put a Camera rotation up and down.

I try to climb the highest mountain, but, my love is not so strong.  :(

And I went around the map searching for something, but love is painful, and I do not find anything.

The style and desing is so cool.

I don't undestant for what I need to "buy" the "Defibrillator" and "Adrenalline" if I can keep the pultions of heart well only clicking.

You can buy "Adrenalline" even if you do not have cells. Or at least not the price show it.

Even so nice job bro.

Don't know hat I do, but I die, and to time to restart I had it 99999 fuel, food and all xD

Love the tutorial and the humor.

Nice Job bro.

The particles feels so good.

Maybe to short.

Nice job bro.

I think your problem with "Only play on "x resolution"" its the anchors of the canvas, and the resolution and scale of canvas, that its so important.

Nice job bro.

The art its fantastic, love it.

Only I think its a little slow.

Cool, love the sound of increment of "score"

I think the pop up to show the cost of the upgrades, in one show "500" but, in real is "5000".

When you pres "Launch", in the rocket I don't have the feel to I have to do something.

Short and fun. Good Job.