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best way to clear our frustration and  angry on politicians

Hello can you also play my game and give feedback

The game is superchallenging

This game is super challenging. combination of strategy and simulation.

Nice puzzle game.

Hello, checkout my game give feedback and rating.

Hello bishi , I sent you a friend request on discord. have you received it?

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Hello rakshith, what's your discord ID? Will discuss further.  I have experience in design and making animations in unity. My ID is Sriram yashwanth#6294

the is awesome and challenging

Hello guys , In this jam i want to add a team member but i don't know how to add. if any one know please tell the procedure how to do it. thank you

 Here is my link and give feedback also.

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Hello guys any one here DM mod mail in discord and succesfully submitted?

Yes , same here also

Bro , It was lagging in my pc. make sure it can run on low end pc also.

yes, please

Thank you bro for your tips

Hello everyone , this is yashwanth. Iam final year CS student. I live in vijayawada, India. Recently i have published the 2 puzzle games  on playstore here is the link Why i have participated this Because i have some knowledge on game engines. one thing i liked is we can use any game engines. Give some tips for this jam.Thank you.