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This is amazing

Game has been updated on the main page

I cannot link a new site or I will violate the rules of the game jam. I hope to upload after the game jam is over. I apologize for my error.

What if we accidentally deleted the upload?

I have also contacted @KenneyNL on Twitter

Good game and lots of fun! There is a few bugs (missing people) but you can still play the game which is great! I like the idea, and the gameplay. Well designed and planned out

This is a really fun game! I love the concept and continued play style. Animations are great, and the gameplay seamless. Really well done.

A few notes:

  • things started to slug at >100 score. Perhaps there needs to be some garbage collection or cleanup of the dead players
  • the audio goes nuts when things die as well. This is probably stemmed from the first note

Overall, amazing

Great concept and game idea. I don’t really know what to do on level 2 however. Perhaps you could add more description to the game page to help out, or a menu to check the “game goals” or something akin.

Neat story! I really like the text boxes, audio, and typing effects

I went to post an update and removed the games. Contacting ItchIO support now.