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Really nice game design- Great progression and level design. Great work.

Brilliant- It's got mean "Human Fall Flat" vibes. Love the janky controls- very addictive

My 15 year old son got them all! But it was a challenge all right. Glas you enjoyed, thanks for comment.

Thanks! It was supposed to have more control but I spent all Saturday trying to get it right! So now it's a weird puzzle driving mix with hints of Goat Simulator......... Glad you enjoyed it!

Nice- Godot's a great engine eh?

Cool concept and heaps of content for a weekends work!

Awesome! Am I transitioning into a puddle?

Awesome! Very cerebral and challenging- I really had to adapt!

Pretty good for a game jam- quite ambitious. 

Gameplay is really tough- I like my games a bit easier at least to start with. Models are cool and shooting mechanic is cool. This would have been great if you had a bit more time. Great job!

Kind of crashes or quits at the end of the game?

Nice simple gameplay, cool animations and I like the shooting. 

Could maybe have done with instructions screen and a touch more polish.

Please can you upload a windows build so I can play it!!!

Loved the multiplayer and got some polish in there despite the time frame. Cool music adds to the gameplay.

Wow- great modelling and concept. I explored for ages (but my lack of coordination meant I got a bit frustrated with the jumps and fell down a lot)

I assume you can get out? This would make a great game concept for a bigger project. I love that you are tiny and there is a hint of something cooler, like why can I type letters on the laptop? Is that the password? Do I need to find the password on top of the drawers in the corner?

Great game.

Great game!

Simple concept that is weirdly addictive, the first time I played it I was genuinely upset when the timer ran out on level 2 and I couldn't finish the level.

Great level design- it made me stop and think so I could work out where I had to go but was obvious enough that I could work it out. 5 Stars out of 5 for a game jam game.

The winner- ladies and gentlemen.

Sound effects, graphics, gameplay all top notch.

It's awesome- great polish, sound effects and visual effects are great. 

Outstanding effort. 1st Place in the 1st ever Burnside Game Jam