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I have a nice idea for dlc. Berlin 1945. Soviet vs Germany. The battle will be very brutal. Air strike everywhere. The German will have a very bad time in these levels.

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Some ideas for AI behaviours to make the AI feel smarter.

1.AI with smgs will fire his gun rapidly while walking to a near target. It will make an AI with smg in close range more dangerous. The moving while shooting makes it harder to hit it.

2.AI with mgs will fire rapidly to near targets but without walking/moving.

3.AI with bolt action rifle will run away for an ammount of time if there is more than 4 enemies nearby.

4.AI with bolt action rifle will shoot near targets while walking/moving (to make it harder to hit). If more than 4 enemies nearby (number 3).

5.AI will stay crouching or proning (when implemmented) if their hp is low.

I think it's fair. The axis have 50 men right from the start guarding their side. Many of them will fire at the allies on the beach. While the allies start with 30 men that can respawn when died as long as the reinforcement tickets still there.

It's not actually a gamemode. Just another way to play a mission instead of the normal capturing.

I just got an idea. Elimination mode: Both sides start with an ammount of soldiers and reinforcement tickets if have any. The main goal is to kill all soldiers on the enemy side. Reinforcement tickets will exchange a dead soldier with a new one. Example game: Omaha Beach Axis=50 Allies=30 + 60 reinforcement ticket. So the axis side is filled with 50 men at the start of the game and your team task is to kill all of the 50 men which mean eliminate enemy occupation on a location. The allies side start with 30 men. Every time one of allies soldier dies, a new one will spawn and decrease the ticket. When the ticket reaches zero, no more reinforcement comming. In this mode there is no capturing points, just eliminate.

Will there be map editor and custom map sharing using steam workshop? This addition can be very good.

Don't need to be accurate when nearby. Just the high firerate.

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Prone is a good idea. How about the user friendly map editor idea and sharing maps with steam workshop? Also can the AI's firerate increased the more closer the target is if the AI use smgs or mgs?

Also can you make the AI take cover when under heavy fire or outnumbered?

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A nice idea: ingame map editor to make custom maps (historical or fictional). Also a steam workshop support to share your maps. Also melee battles need to be less simple. Pressing f to attack. Hold f to defend. Instead of punch how about stabbing with knife or bassing with guns?

I have bought it. Thanks.

Is there going to be paid dlcs? And how much the price after the 40% discount?

How about cruel mode? You will be chosen some random missions in a right order and you will start from the first one. If  you die in cruel mode, you will return back to main menu (game over). This mode will make a unique experience, where you are afraid to die.

An awesome suggestion: Soldiers will react to their wounds. If you shoot their legs, the soldiers will become limb or have difficulties to walk. If you shoot their arms, the soldiers will drop their weapons sometimes and unable to wield weapons again. Some soldiers don't die, instead they will be wounded and can be healed by medic. Wounded soldiers sometimes surrender. All wounds can be healed by medic, some wounds need longer time to heal. Wounded soldiers will shout "medic". Medic can also pull wounded soldiers to somewhere saver before healing them.

I like the art style of the first loading screen. Maybe a setting to make the game looks like that.

A small suggestion: Hold G to wait after pulling the pin before throwing the grenade.


A small suggestion. Add an option to disable the auto bolt opening after shooting. Sometimes I do that think later after finding a good cover. It's also annoying for me with sniper rifle while looking at the scope.

Maybe ressistance mode? Open world city and you play as a ressistance soldier that start with no notoriety. Work together with other ressistance to free France. Gather information for the allies, sabotage German supply lines to help allies war effort, kill important German military personel (like officer), free prisoner of war, steal weapons and distribute them to other ressistance, and many more. By doing those actions you can help the allies to liberate France but also gain notoriety if seen. The SS will surely eliminate you if you are in there wanted list. You won't enter the wanted list if you conceal your identity.

You can also be a ressistance leader and conduct raid. Ressistance bases can be made anywhere and need to be defended.

Is this a nice idea?