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So this pack is open for comercial use 

Id love to buy more ! maybe some Decorative Objects ? like  fences wells   wood barriers ..etc

Is this set Compatible whit your other sets ?

Hey I am at the moment working on my game and your art just charmed me.
I wanna know is it possible to get more decoratet Object like this? 
All of the art looks amazing.

Is this in 16x16 pixels 

i realy miss by allot of creators to add some more bioms etc. its real hard to find art that is not form the same illu. and fint in a game.

OK bet. So ill buy this one Tiles and ill wokr on my game after you releas all of the 4 others im probably buy them all and  go on whit my work :) !! Thanks for the replay.

Hey. I am realy interesting to make a game out of your tilsets the art is amazing u dont see art like this common. the only queston i have is: Will  in it in the  future be a DESERT, SNOW, LAVA  Bioms?? Becouse im planing to make a long adventure game and am curently looking for what tiles to buy for my game. :))

I miss some water sprites else its a 10/10 :)

Amazing work ! i ve been looking for sprites like this for years ! 

sure  i keep my eye on your work !

okay!  if you ll make some  NPC  sprites that match  whit this tiles :

ill probably buy everythink 

i bought this pack and its amazing.  Just wish for 1 condition. If there woud be any  top down 4 direction animation for attacking and dashing that woud be amazing

are they for top down games or sidescroll?

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this looks great. but i am working on a action RPG game and i am lookimg for top down NPC s   walking attacking animations.

thats great but ..hw to find caracter animations that will fit in ????

i need  tons of monsters sprites not tilsets ... there are soo may tilsets here but  soo little NPC sprites for topdown animations...

i need sprites for 30 more sprites  like this one ..  can u tell me where to find more? i wanna buy  1 full mega pack.

where can i find tons of  this sprites? iam making a game and cant find any sprites for enemyes

does this  pack include only walking animations? or  do it have attack animations as well?

can i use it for comercial ?