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We're no longer making DLC expansions for Our Life: Beginnings & Always.

The most painful sentence I have ever read. Regardless, thank you so much for sharing Jamie's story with us. Forever grateful! 

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Things I'm about to say are based on my personal preferences.


To be honest, Baxter was my least favorite of the 3 even without the other dlcs. I do still adore him completely though, which means a lot given how attached I am to Cove and Derek. I have been enjoying this dlc for the most part, until the biggest let down I am having right now with the last moment. I was hoping for something similar with the "Happiness" moment with Cove, wherein the focus was mc and Cove and their beautiful friendship/relationship. Instead, I have a moment that's mostly Terri annoying me and getting on my every last nerve. While this story isn't always about happy scenes, I have never felt this frustrated with it. I guess the moment itself wasn't so bad as it foreshadows Baxter's future career, but it was still very frustrating and made me wish there was an option to abandon Terri. Ah, which reminds me of the car shotgun scene, it made me realize how no one acknowledges the mc and Baxter dating? That was very disappointing. not even mc's lifetime best friend, cove, said anything about it????? i know baxter is new but it felt like no one really cared who he is for mc, aside from liz and moms i guess. 

might be updating this once I finish the whole thing, just had to let out my frustration. 

This seems like a pretty chill VN, and i really liked the art. I can't help but get stressed out while playing it though (it's a good thing i enjoyed it very much heh). Hoping to see more from you guys!

OMG COVE PLUSHIE!!!! i hope i could get one if it gets released!

Happy new year <3 can't wait for the wedding of the century!!

My MC always cries and sometimes I do too. But I think for this DLC I will be sobbing, wailing, and tearing up so hard. Can't wait :>

I've been playing this game for more than a year now. It still gives me the same comfort it always does :>

My first try, I chose options based on how I would irl and my choices suck lmao. But hey it's a nice game :>

Just a question, how do we integrate it to our save in steam?

The writing is genius, and it's nice to see an MC that's smart but not overrated. I loved every character, to the point that I couldn't choose which LI to pursue. My first crush is Ophelia though, they are so soft and adorable! However, a certain man stood out to me eventually:


This specific sprite of him looks so good! I also melted when I found out we had the same preference for flowers, I love him! Plus he's a bisexual mess like me. 

I tried to avoid any spoilers, but overall I love this game so much!

Hey for the current version of the game, is there no audio?

I have to prepare my wallet and heart for this!

I've had two playthroughs, I failed to save him the first time but I did it the second time through... unconventional means. I wish there could be more dialogue after saving Terrence, but other than that it was enjoyable!

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The concepts, themes, and art look amazing so far. Looking forward to its release!

Yes!!! I can get it soon!!!!!

That was the serotonin boost I needed, thank you!

Is the main character date-able? lmao they look soooo good!!!


I bought this game's DLCs on steam and will try to make a proper review there. 

I finished the whole game for the first time. This is probably one of the most heartwarming game/story I've ever encountered. I am stunned. I will cherish the characters forever, especially the relationship built between Cove and my MC. 

What I'm trying to say is that I'm glad that I got to experience it and I cannot wait for more! Thank you ^_^


Hey cool game.

Just kidding I absolutely freaking loved it! I'm psyched for the revamp!!!!!!!! I haven't played again in a few months but I can't wait to go through ALL THE ROUTES again because every character is awesome (August you're still my fave). 

Regarding the price, which seems to be an issue for a few people, it's reasonable enough given all the work that's been put into the game. If you really wanted to get both the itch and steam version, save for it again and don't be a jerk.

Will try this out soon. The art style looks so good!

I can't wait for this game to be finished :>

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I was able to afford this game along with other amazing games through the bundle, which was an amazing thing btw. I am completely immersed with it right now and I cannot believe we get to have the revamped version too? I just- wow thank you!

slight spoilers ahead:

During my first playthrough when I met the General, I already knew that August would be the love of my life. They make me love them more each chapter, all are written well. Their magic???????????????? out of this world. They look so wonderful! (Kudos to the artists!) August's route is still my most favorite, I just love them so much.

The next route I wanted to try was with Finn. But I could never get myself to separate him from Ezra! They're just so perfect together for me, and their bond is admirable. (edit: August had a date on this route, so that hurt a little idk why). The latest I've played is with Alkar and Omen. It was as chaotic as I expected, i love it! Seriously how could one separate them??? And lastly, even though I did not romance Piper, her character is the coolest omfg we'd be bestfriends in real life.

So what I wanted to say was thank you so much for this game and the lovely characters and stories you've shared to us!

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I hated and loved the characters in different ways, thank you for sharing this story! Will definitely be thinking about this story for a looong while.

edit: also im still crying minutes after finishing the game

Aaaaaa thank you so much! I have sent an email which includes my "fanart" for this game, i hope you like it! :)

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I dove into this game because I wanted to play a band manager game, and this one seemed to have a story so I thought that was pretty cool. I didn't really expect that I would love it this much, I will definitely never forget these stories and characters. Wish I could be of financial support, but for now this thank you message is all i have. Great game!!! alsooo special thanks for the open-ended mode, i really liked that!


Here's something i made in sims 4 for RockRobin hope you like it! CLICK (tumblr link)