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That is strange!  Since you can purchase other adult game via paypal on   I love those double standards. 

Happy Birthday!  I can't wait for the steam release.

I was going to buy it now since it was half off an then just get it on steam when it released, but sadly the paypal payment option is not available.  So I just have to keep waiting.  

Still congrats and hope for more great news in the future.

That was cute.  :D

Meh!  I just rotated left to right with everyone.  Did note even look at what it was.  I get the point of the game.  To question why you label something male or female.  I guess for me I don't think much in the terms of labels.  The only way I would do this differently is if it was my actual job.  Then I would follow the guide lines and requirements of my job.  Anything that did not fall into those categories I would question with my supervisor and add them to the list after that. 

And if I did a job that made me uncomfortable sorting things in such a manner.  I would find another job.  

So, guess this game does not affect me in any way.  It was interesting but rather pointless to me.   Still, not bad game design wise.  

I have seen plenty of sexy spider weapon naked and all showy, but never a spider... umm... man's big purple... ummm.. that ain't spider silk all over the walls.  ;P

I love the art style a lot and this was cute.  Especially when he wrapped all his legs around him.  That was just to much.

This game is the reason I pulled the trigger on the Queer Games Bundle.  The art, that Bat Cutie..... just.... everything about this is telling me I have to play it.  :D

This came with my bundle.  I was about to add it the pile of things I have no interest in checking out (get a few of those from big bundles like this).  I mean, who wants to be labeled by a game as to what gender they are?  

Though I decided to just to take a peek and I see it's not that.  The game design is rather interesting.  Something I have not played before.  I will add this to the games to check out later.  I even got past being triggered by the word CIS. 

Not my thing, D&D that is.  Don't really have anyone to play it with but I do love the art.  I got it with the Queer Bundle.

I find it funny!  I own this on steam and enjoy it, yet I have it from two bundles from  I set them aside in my  collection, just in case I want to play them off of steam.

This game is a highlight of both bundles.  I tell people that this is one of the better games in the bundle.  That it is a must play if nothing else (even though I point out other games that great to).  

So thank you for making this game.  :D

Click View All by milkky and first thing I see is, "hey hey i'm ying! i make visual novels of girls who love girls (੭˃ᴗ˂)੭"

Well, hey hey i'm squinish!  I like visual novels of girls who love girls ;P.  So think we will get along pretty well.  :D

Just got this game in the in the Queer Bundle.  If it's as cute as I think it is.  I will be grabbing your other games as well.  At the very least.  I am in love with your art.  :D

Shame that the NSFW version is not on this site.  Kinda wish I had seen that before buying this version.  Oh well. 

Oh, and I will never buy stuff from Nutaku.  I don't want my personal information and credit card stolen by them again.

I LOVE THIS GAME!  I have it on steam.  I really love the sounds and the challenge.  I grew up on Wheres Waldo books and this just brings back that feel.  An absolute treasure.

I got this game on steam a while back.  Not exactly my type of game, but I got it cause I love it's visuals.  The art style and pixel animation are just wonderful.  It is a game worth owning for that alone.  

Found a bug maybe.  I hit down to fuck but hit up at the same time.  The screen scrolled up a bit then back to fucking.  After the fuck, movement was gone.  I can shoot arrows but I can move or attack normally.

Will there be a difference between the steam and versions?  

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Rarity is a friggen card shark.  OMG!  ;P

Great game.


Though not sure why I have to split the pot if I had 3 of a kind and the looser only had 2 pair.  Then again, I don't play poker in real life.

The Turtle might have trouble getting up when on it's back, but that bunny sure is able get it up on his.  HA!

Anyway, cute art style.  

What is the difference between the steam version and the one we get from Itchio?

Is this a clicker game?  How much art is there?  There is not much info, but I am still new to the sight so I might have missed it.