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Gubbins are very good at hiding. Sometimes they even hide behind other creatures!

We're glad you liked it :) Thanks a lot for playing!

Thank you so much for playing! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Great video! Thanks a lot for including Beasts and Buddies with your jam play through!

Nice video! You did a great job making some buddies!

People are fired up about Merrily Perilly and burning to know where to find Medusa, but trailblazers should explore around the abbey. 

Thanks! I'm a fan of the Jan Ken Pro art as well! The chest explosion was a game design choice. We had their bomb timer go off after the last enemy is killed. We wanted to make sure the player has a reason for opening the chests during the chaos and not just waiting until the enemies are gone before opening. 

As you reach the later courses, you may find more people lingering around your perfect corner.