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Swift is the future, it runs on macOS, iOS/iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS, Ubuntu, CentOS, Amazon Linux, and (Microsoft )Windows. I'm not saying if someone already knows a programing language they need to learn it, but if someone is about to learn one, why learn a hard, and non-universal one?

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Metal is better than others, I've played games on both Apple platforms using Metal, and played them on other platforms that can't use Metal, Metal looks so much better, don't believe me, try Sky: COTL on macOS on an M1/M1 Max/M1 Pro/M1 Ultra Mac or any over Apple product, and then try it on the NSX(Nintendo Switch).

Glad there are still Mac game developers, tired of using Wine, VMs, or BootCamp whenever I want to play a stupid game. My Mac is more than capable of running games, it actually runs quite a few of them WAY better than most Windows gaming laptops and considering it's a MacBook with a stupid Intel chip that's really good, it's perfect for gaming, game developers are just two caught up with themselves and stubborn to make games for the Mac, some of them are just Microsoft Stans but still, I mean can't we all just embrace the future? ARM is becoming superior Microsoft's going to support it soon, BootCamp should hopefully come back after the whole Snap Dragon chip thing ends(they have some deal or something) Macs are better macOS is way less power heavy, Energy Efficiency is key, Intel brought their own failure upon themselves, move stupid on!!!!! Sure I may have some bias, but that doesn't mean what I'm saying is wrong.

You're famous at this point.

Please release for Mac

On Mac version they don't react to the notes!


Yes please!!!!!!!!



I uhh, "third this motion." I need to get this on my Mac really badly!!! (Btw I have already tried Wine, it didn't work, and I don't know HOW to use Mono!)

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Hi, I just switch to a Mac, I have found that a lot of games that I want to play now are Windows only(not that I could run them on my old PC anyways, due to no RAM and administrator Permission on my user), I would be willing to try to schedule a date to let you remote access my computer to make a Mac port, if it means more games like this can come to macOS!

Edit: Idk if Itch will notify me so you can use the info on the contact page on my website just incase, you don't have to follow the instructions on the page, just message me, tell me from Itch, tell me the name of this game and I should remember, and then I can try to find a time that I'm available to let you use my Mac!