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I don’t think this was made during the jam, it looks like it’s been around for a while. The entries have to be done within the 3 day timespan.

I can try doing that. I need SteamVR in the project, something it currently lacks, but i'll try it soon

Oh, here's a recommendation! Keep your eyes on her! She will run faster when you aren't looking at her! 

Haha Awesome! Happy it worked!

Oh, if you're playing, this build is made for Rift! And make sure to reset view when it starts up!

Yeah, I should've specified this was built for Oculus. I'll try making a SteamVR Build soon!

I got a little motion sick playing this one, but it still looks pretty solid! I'll give this another play soon but for now I need to give my eyes a bit of a break, sorry!

Could definitely use some sound effects in places where it can feel kind of dull without them. I noticed sometimes no music is playing at all and it kind of breaks immersion, at least try adding some wind ambience? Besides that it's fun! 

Haha awesome, thank you so much for playing! 

Looks hella interesting! Definitely gonna follow this one!