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I'm doing procedural generation for my dissertation too! I'm using Perlin Noise and Cellular Automata and lord has it been a big undertaking XD. Yours looks super cool, good luck!

Hi Pita thank you for the reply!

I've done as you have said and made a quick palette swap to add a snowy forest environment. I'm also looking to use the mountains as the highest areas of the levels, however I am having trouble configuring them with rule tiles. Were they built will these in mind? Thanks and have a great day!


I've used this pack to make a game for uni coursework last year and I'm using it once again for my dissertation! I'm making a procedurally generated survival game and would love to know if you'll ever create a second overworld pack for snow biomes, deserts, swamps and so on?

You're awesome, hope your other works are going good, dont forget about this series!


ooh I like that idea! Shame I can’t do pixel art to save my life so we’ll have to see how that goes down hahaha

looks awesome! I'm creating something similar for a uni project, may I ask where you got the 4 direction sprites from? Or did you make them yourself?