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loved this, thank you. unpleasant and very peaceful at the same time

this is so cute, i keep coming back for my fortune. one tiny thing i would do though, seeing that many people think that the waiting time is a bug: maybe indicating somewhere within the game to come back the next day would help? anyway, its a great idea, i love these vegetables

we asked it if it was a snail and it replied with a snail and now were spooked

Saw your compilation, thank you very much!!

tysm, im glad you liked it! :-]

that little house and garden are so cute

thank you very much! and yes, jinx is a cuddly little blessing

thank you so much! really happy you liked it! :-]

i got the super bad ending on the first run and i was so emotionally invested in it lmao. love how all the characters are fruits & veggies, thanks for sharing!

love how it's framed inside the tv and the final twist!

This is cute thanks for sharing! It made me crave broccoli.