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this is very epic like this comment if you agree B)

Very cool game and great artwork! I think the pacing could be improved a bit, I played through several days and could only occasionally buy something. I think if there was more than one food/drink at the start it would make the game less repetitive in the beginning. Great job though!

Cool game - I really like the art style and the voice lines. I cant seem to interact with anything (even though i pressed F), and i cant attack or receive damage from enemies. Do you know what may be the cause?

Cute artwork and cool loot/gun system. I seem to be invincible though? Also is there anything I can purchase with the doubloons, or is it just a score metric?

Awesome game! Just wish there was someone around to play with me... The gameplay and upgrade system is very cool, my one suggestion is to make the enemy boats hitboxes a bit bigger, as sometimes my canon balls didn't hit.

Really cool concept! I like that the gameplay is tricky enough to require several attempts. Just wish there was music during the fights (the menu theme is very cool).

Impressive game considering the time frame! I really like the detailed customisability of the player. I found even the easy difficulty was quite tricky, so I guess I need to practice a bit... 

thank you very much :)