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click it fast or pick new options while a track is already being played to layer them and make a horrible mess.

but i wanna dooownload

ok.  thank you.  just trying to figure that part out.  
it would be nice if aseprite had a dither brush that did not need pressure sensitivity to work.  hint hint, nudge nudge, maybe think about making an aseprite plugin?  ha ha.

i get that (and people wanted dither in aseprite day one cause graphics gale had it). 
but i'm asking what can your tool do?  like it just makes little squares of gradients right?  how does one use that to do anything?

so... what is this used for?  i do paintings and pixelart, and i can see a dither brush in aseprite (that doesn't require pen pressure) useful, but what is the point in this?

no offense, genuinely want to know.

cool game,
but this game isn't "non-euclidean", it's very much Euclidean.