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Thanks! I'd never heard of !!!!!!, I'll check that out. :)

Thank you! Glad you liked it. :)

Thanks a bunch! Glad you liked it. :)

Yeah, I cut it really close, haha. Thanks for playing!

I like the graphics (especially the motion trail), the music, and the physics. I'm confused, though, why did you choose Up/Down for the controls instead of Left/Right? I think that would have made a lot more sense and still kept the interesting part of the challenge -- actually navigating the course. Overall, though, nice job!

This is a really neat mechanic! I like the variety in the objects that you have to rotate. It is really challenging, though, haha. My best score was only 3.

Fun game! The respawn positions felt a little unfair sometimes, though -- an enemy appeared right next to me and killed me before I got the chance to move. But it's good overall! Also, I really liked the sound effects and tweening of the score text. :)

Wow, this was really fun! It's just mouse button mashing, but it manages to be really entertaining regardless. This has the makings of a compelling clicker game should you choose to continue the project. :)

Fun little game. The helicopters were surprisingly difficult to evade. Reminded me a lot of Pac Man, haha. Nice music.