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how do u get the 2nd and 4th badges?

the miracle die is a healing die that can be reused

what does it do

whats the terrain dice?

beat the game, rly fun!

man that last level i had to think...

wish there was more levels

just get gud, think logically, and ask urself, what steps will i do to complete the level, then pick up stuff in that order


lol got to floor 18 without dying, how do i see the end screen?

this is a very fun game, i played it twice, 9.9/10, maybe increase range for grabbing/kicking

Its a shame that redmatch is built on mono. have you considering bringing in the graphics to redmatch 2 so og's that played redmatch can feel more at home? maybe make it toggalable like the double square button in halo 2 that toggles between halo 2 and halo 2 anniversary. idk, just a suggestion bc the graphics in redmatch 2 are (imo) worse than redmatch

the audio was a little loud but overall, very fun game! i really enjoyed playing it and it was a nice mashup of a dungeon rpg and a puzzle game. i would rate this 9/10 because i feel like the attack was a little too strong and you could kind of spam it too fast. Overall very fun and nice game!

rug, on sticks, theres a bug, when u die, u die 2 or 3 times after it, its rly annoynig


also theres a problem where when i switch tabs, sometimes the game freezes and i need to reload tab and erase all progress, this happened to me actually even when i wasnt switching tabs and i was very sad because i had a rly good setup

o, but i dont think u need to own a mac to build it right? not sure...i just rly want to play full version ;-;

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couuld u please release build for mac?

please i really want to play the full game with my friend but i cant

o, i cant log into the accoutn tho, make sure to fix the siege bug lmao its broken

hey rug, why did u ban fakeruugbug?

also, if u have max speed upgrades and have speed multi set to 1.5, you can sprint through walls on siege, like literally phaze through them...lmao its broken

donut found it

rugbug, there is a glitch where you can use corrupt skin without dlc if you just select it then exit menu

rugbug, why cant i log into fakeruugbug, im entering the right password

i wasnt even saying i was him. it was so clearly fake lmaoooo.

i spent half my playtime getting world deaths and tdm losses



i made an acc on but it didn't keep it. i asked donut how he was level 100, he said its cuz u added a ton of xp to his account, could u do that to mine?

what does redeem key do


actualy dont, i want to rebuild my kdr

also rug, can i have my user xp back, i was level 43 i think

redmatch 2 subreddit, rugbug is in it


yo rugbug,

its stuck on the loading page for me, i cant play it in browser

also pog battle royale

might be because he has better frames

my friend can skip all the voice lines by "spam clicking" how does this work, im tryna beat him

friend is donuttalktome btw

yo can u make this mac and webgl, my friend wanted me to speedrun it, not sure how hard it is

how do i get to the dark realm

like the ones that have crates? also what is the dark realm and when does it rain

What do I even do after I get lightning pickaxe, how do i get silicone or water